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Note: Individual poet’s recent publications may be announced here. Some citations are those I happen to run across in my own subscriptions. Please let us know about your publications and we'll post them here for a time. (Bob King, Colorado Poets Center)

Catch up to Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s latest commendations and poems:

Also, her TNB Self-Interview at: http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/rwtrommer/2012/05/rosemerry-wahtola-trommer-the-tnb-self-interview/

from Martin Balgach
Attention poets of Colorado: here is a great opportunity to enter your poems for the Michael Adams Poetry Prize. I have the honor of judging this year's contest (blindly) so send your best! Deadline is March 22, 2015 and a public reading and event happens on April 18th! There are three categories, and the best poem wins $500! Please help spread the word as we honor Mike and our wonderful local poetry community! http://www.cityoflafayette.com/index.aspx?NID=1197
Lafayette, CO - Official Website - Michael Adams Poetry Prize
Call for Poets for the Michael Adams Poetry Prize

Veronica Patterson will read at the BookBar (4280 Tennyson, Denver) on Saturday, March 7th at 6 p.m. (As usual hors d’oeuvre and drink specials from 5-6 for reading patrons)

Barbara Ellen Sorensen’s poem “Pelican” is featured on Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry. Read it at: http://www.americanlifeinpoetry.org/columns/518.html

Annual Mark Fischer Prize ups award ante to $1000

TELLURIDE – Celebrating its 18th year, the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize has increased its cash award to $1,000 for this year’s winning poem and opened its eligible contestants to any poet living west of the Mississippi, according to the event’s organizers – San Miguel County Commissioner Elaine Fischer and the Talking Gourds poetry program.

Submissions, one page, no name, original work, $5 a poem. See full guidelines at:

“We’re pleased to be able to honor Mark’s memory with a contest that benefit Western poets,” explained Art Goodtimes, Telluride Institute board member and Talking Gourds director. “All styles and content are welcome. The wilder the better.”

By increasing the cash award and expanding the eligible pool of poets, Goodtimes hopes to draw more attention to one of Colorado’s older literary traditions. In addition, this year the prize will be given at a ceremony to be held as part of the second annual Telluride Literary Arts Festival (May 15-17, 2015).
Final judge this year will be North Beach legend Jack Mueller.

For more info, contact Art Goodtimes at or visit the Telluride Institute website at

View Conundrum Press’s new cozy warm bookstore:

TELLURIDE – The Talking Gourds Poetry Club presents two Ridgway poets, Erika Moss Gordon and Leigh Robertson, for its First Tuesday poetry reading, March 3rd at 6 p.m. at Arroyo’s Telluride. (For more info see "Readings")

Juan Morales’ second collection of poetry, The Siren World, will be published by Lithic Press in the spring of 2015. More info at: http://lithicpress.com/index.php/third-mind/item/lithic-press-to-publish-the-siren-world-by-juan-j-morales

from Diane di Prima’s latest book, The Poetry Deal.


POEMS are angels
come to bring you
the letter you wdn't
sign for

earlier, when it was
by your life

Wednesday, March 4 in Fruita: Copper Club Poetry Reading (Copper Club Brewing Company, 233 E. Aspen Ave. Fruita). 7 p.m.
Featuring Charles Potts, Art Goodtimes, Danny Rosen & Kyle Harvey.

For more information please email fruitapulp@gmail.com.

Read Kathleen Willard’s essay on Eleanor Swanson’s latest collection of short stories,Exiles and Expatriates:


Daniel Klawitter just got a short story published in Black Cat Tales. (“I managed to slip one of my own poems in along with a mention of A.E. Stallings just for fun.”)


For a 3-Sunday workshop in Windsor by poets presenting a poet who inspired them to write along with writing prompts, see under "Workshops"

Philip Levine, Pulitzer Prize-winning “poet of work,” has passed away at the age of 87. See other info:

Check out Tom Sterner’s “Esplanade” on his site http://wordwulf.com/poetry

11th Annual ACC Writers Studio Literary Contest in Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction

Kathryn Winograd reminds us that the Writers Studio at Arapahoe Community College has announced its 11th Annual Writers Studio Literary Contest for unpublished work in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The contest is open to all Colorado residents and the deadline to submit work is March 16, 2015. Finalists from the contest will be determined by outside judging from nationally-acclaimed writers.


Registration is now open for Lighthouse Writers Spring Workshops in March. Get full info at https://lighthousewriters.org/workshop/grid/genre/0/level/0/format/0/session/114/

Call for Leadership
If you would like to become more involved in supporting or leading Lighthouse Writers Workshop, please send a brief statement of interest to info@lighthousewriters.org by February 28, 2015.

Writer’s block remedy: “It helps me to think of a poem as a house you can demolish. When the lines aren’t budging but I know they can move, I like to star knocking down walls and prying up floorboards and putting the rooms back together the wrong way, with new lighting and banisters. Experimental editing is something I urge upon myself, and more time than I can count it’s resulted in a radically different poem that I had to essentially destroy in order to make.”
Danniel Schoonebeek (American Barricade) in Poets & Writers, Jan/Feb. 2015.

Colorado poet Rachel Kellum posts some of her poems on her website: http://www.wordweeds.com/

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Juan Morales’ poem, "Another Zombie Love Poem" is in the Monster issue of Snakeskin! Thanks to Guest Editor, Jessy Randall and the folks at Snakeskin!
Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
simmers1.webspace.virginmedia.com|By George Simmers

Wendy Videlock will have a poem in the next edition of Best American Poetry (edited this year by Sherman Alexie). For which we congratulate her!

Renee Ruderman’s brief “Thoughts on a Couple of Veronica Patterson Poems,” is available at:

Kyle Harvey’s book, July, is reviewed at the Bottle Cap Press:

Advice: “Read five poems for every one poem you write. You have to understand the broader landscape and community in which your work exists.”
Saeed Jones (Prelude to Bruise, Coffee House Press) ) in Poets & Writers, Jan/Feb. 2015.

Friday, Feb. 6, in Pueblo
Pueblo Progressive Poetry Project presents: The I-25 Corridor Reading (Andrew McFayden-Ketchum, Aaron Anstett, and Alysse Kathleen McCanna). 119 Central Plaza in Pueblo.

Talking Gourds Features Poet Matt Hayes at Arroyo Feb. 3

TELLURIDE – The Talking Gourds Poetry Club presents St. Louis native Matt Hayes as guest poet this first Tuesday of the month, February 3 at 6 p.m. at Arroyo’s in Telluride.

Autistic from birth, Hayes has been communicating since age 5 through a process of Facilitated Communication that has led to his pioneering work with the Supported Typing movement. At age six, he wrote his first poem, “Trapped in Silence.” He’s been a member of the St. Louis Poetry Society since age 15.

Currently the subject of a PBS documentary on autism, Hayes is “eager to build bridges between artists and neurotypical individuals everywhere.” (Neurotypical is an abbreviation of neurologically typical – a term coined in the autistic community as a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum). His primary writing focus is poetry. The theme this month is “Bridges”.

Following Club announcements and Hayes’ performance, the group will take a short break, after which the gourd will be passed around the room to give Club members and attendees a chance to read poems from the monthly theme. Shared pieces may be the reader’s own or the work of a favorite writer. Next month, Erika Moss Gordon and Leigh Robertson of Ridgway will be Talking Gourds’ guest poets in Telluride and Montrose, and the theme will be “Divinely Human.”

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, Lorrie Wolfe, this year’s Ziggies’ Poet of the Year, will read at Ziggies in Denver at 6:30. Following her performance there will be an open reading where attendees can read 2--3 poems.
(Ziggies is at 4923 W. 38th, east of Sheridan, between Yates & Xavier St. in Northwest Denver.)

The Denver Youth Poet Laureate program is open for applications of poets between 14-20 years old and a resident of the Denver Metro Area for the full length of the year-long term. Deadline is Feb. 20th!
Get full info on applications at:

The Denver Youth Poet Laureate is a program of Minor Disturbance alongside Colorado Creative Industries, Youth on Record, Lighthouse Writers Workshop and in partnership with Urban Word, supported by PEN Center USA and the Academy of American Poets. The Denver Youth Poet Laureate program identifies young writers and leaders who are committed to civic and community engagement, poetry and performance, and leadership and education.

Jenne R. Andrews has a poem, “Nightfall on Ellis Island,” up at Vox Populi. http://voxpopulisphere.com/2015/01/23/jenne-andrews-nightfall-on-ellis-island/

And Kyle Harvey has a poem, “The Universe,” up at Electric Cereal. http://www.electriccereal.com/the-universe/

Kathy Conde’s story that won 2nd Prize in the 2014 Seán Ó Faoláin Competition is in the new issue of Southword Literary Journal. Here's a link to the story...

A person named Satya recently contacted the CPC. She/they
are hosting a night of art and poetry at the Collection Gallery in Aurora on Friday, February 13th from 6pm-9pm, and are looking for poets/ writers who would be interested in sharing some of their work. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please pass along my contact info listed below. I am working on putting together a schedule of featured speakers. The address of the gallery is 9801 E. Colfax Ave, Suite 120, Aurora CO 80010.
303.437.8549 cell
720.251.4573 business

Juan Morales reads his poem “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies” on the latest Sugar House Review

Dean K Miller's first poetry book Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse (Hot Chocolate Press: December 2014) includes three poems which will appear in Torrid Literature Journal in 2015. "Time Warp," an honorable mention in TLJ's annual Craft of Poetry Contest, along with "Numb" will be in issue XIII themed Deja vu` available January 1, 2015. His poem "Survivor" is scheduled for issue XIV in April 2015. http://deankmiller.com

THE Linda Hogan will read for First Saturday Poetry at Denver’s BookBar (4280 Tennyson St.), starting at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 7th. (Hors d’oeuvres and drink specials for reading attendees from 5-6 p.m.). Poetry, prose, fiction, memoir—imagine!

Julianza Shavin has poems and some art forthcoming in West Trade Review, Cahaba River Journal, Oracle Fine Arts Review, Breath and Shadow, and currently, in Ydgrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts. "Black Saturday," written in homage to (and as ekphrasis re) Mark Strand was read by Dr. Barbara Mossberg's radio show, "THE POETRY SLOW DOWN." on January 4th.

Kushal Poddar's book A Place for Your Ghost Animals will be in print by Mar. 1st. Bill Young of Ripple Effect Publishing LLC, is publishing the Calcutta-native's poetry book (written in English), edited by Julie Shavin.

ACC Writer’s Studio Announces Literary Contest
Submissions close Feb. 15 for annual Literary Contest (open to Colorado residents). 3 poems, $12 entry fee for each submission. Also open: submissions for the ACC magazine Progenitor. Submit through:
https://accwritersstudio.submittable.com/submit. Read instructions (no name on ms., e. g)

ACC Writer’s Studio Announces Literary Contest
Submissions close Feb. 15 for annual Literary Contest (open to Colorado residents). 3 poems, $12 entry fee for each submission. Also open: submissions for the ACC magazine Progenitor. Submit through:
https://accwritersstudio.submittable.com/submit. Read instructions (no name on ms., e. g)

“Title Menu: 6 Lyric Voices of Witness” by Teow Lim Goh in Open Letters Monthly discusses Joseph Hutchison (Marked Men) and David Mason (Ludlow), as well as Martha Collins, Tess Taylor, Ellen Bryant Voigt, and Bryan Komei Dempster.

Read it at:

For those who haven't yet seen this -- Stories on Stage is doing two performances of David Rothman’s narrative poem "Tunnel of Love," this coming Saturday, January 17, at Su Teatro in Denver. Shows are at 1:30 and 7:30 and other poems to be performed include Dana Gioia's "Haunted," B. H. Fairchild's "Beauty," and Kate Daniels' "The Testimony of Simone Weil." Colorado Poet Laureate Joe Hutchison will also be on hand to lead a discussion after the 1:30 show. Rothman says, “This will be an outstanding event, with equity actors and high production standards -- and there are very few such events, where professional performers present contemporary poetry. Join us.”
More info: http://storiesonstage.org/everystanza.aspx

Kate Kingston’s poem “The Miner’s Wife” may be found at http://www.sagegreenournal.org

Poet and critic David Mason has been busy recently! His new book is about to be released and two operas (for which he penned the libretti) are soon to premiere.

His book, Davey McGravy: A Story in Verse to be Read Aloud to Children and Adult Children, is intended for readers anywhere from age eight to age eighty. The hero of the story, Davey, is “caught between his forest-world and the world of school, shopping, and family life.” He "wanders his way through grief,” mourning for his missing mother. With "playful and evocative verse, poet David Mason delivers him back to his boyhood but leaves the mysteries of love intact.” The book, “full of humor and sadness,” captures "the longing of a child for his lost mother.” Davey McGravy features illustration from Grant Silverstein.

Mason also penned the libretto for an opera, “After Life,” which will premiere in Seattle on the 11th of May. “After Life,” which was composed by Tom Cipullo, will also have a performance in San Francisco on the 18th of May. In the opera Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein meet again "in a posthumous debate filled with both passion and humor."

In addition to “After Life,” Mason also wrote the libretto for the opera version of “The Scarlet Letter,” lyrics from which first appeared in the winter 2011 issue of the SR. “The Scarlet Letter” will have its professional premiere at Opera Colorado in Denver in May of 2016.

And keep an eye out for Mason's essay on Aiken Taylor Award winner Dana Gioia, which will be published in the upcoming winter 2015 issue of Sewanee Review.

A review of Robert Cooperman’s recent book of poems, Just Drive, is in the recent The Potomac Journal.


as well as a review of Eleanor Swanson’s Exiles and Expatriates

SETH (Gregory Seth Harris) writes: “IF YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is to read your poetry better in front of audiences, come join a group of like-motivated poets and storytellers.

“We gather in Golden 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 11am-1pm, to help each other become more effective readers. Each session includes a warm-up workshop on some aspect of expanding your vocal delivery -- taught by yours truly. Sessions are $10. Contact Roz @ roz.taylor@comcast.net to register and for directions.

“And remember, you can always get hands-on experience by joining me at the Merc every Sunday night from 7-8pm.”

Deadline: Mark Fischer Prize, April 15, 2015. Cash award and reading. $6 submission free. Get details at:

Michael Henry is the new editor of Mountain Gazette and wants to publish “engaging smart poems.” Poems, Henry says “are journeys of discovery. It may be the land you already know. It may be a completely foreign landscape. It may be a trip into the mundane, into dream, into memory. Or into the mountains. Indeed, when in doubt, go higher. And deeper.”

If you’re interested in submitting, please send 3 to 5 poems via Submittable at: https://lighthousewriters.submittable.com/submit/31254.

Submitted poems must have titles. And please, no poems longer than two or three pages, single-spaced. If you like, feel free to include a short, two or three sentence bio with your submission. Poems must be previously unpublished. Rights revert back to writer upon publication.

Read Wendy Videlock’s poem in recent New Criterion here:

Colorado Poet Laureate Joe Hutchison writes: “I'll only importune you all once on this subject. After 8 years of blogging on blogspot.com, I've moved The Perpetual Bird to Wordpress so that I could integrate it with my redesigned Web site, and I wanted to invite you all to subscribe to it. It's free, of course! Just go to my site (http://www.jhwriter.com), scroll to the middle section of the page, and sign up.”

Read 3 poems by Uche Ogbuji at Green Sage Journal http://www.sagegreenjournal.org/earlier.html

Happy New Year, says Kyle Harvey. He's excited to share Fruita Pulp: Issue #7 January/February 2015 with everyone...

"So much exciting work by so many amazing poets including Keegan Lester, Cat Dixon, Dylan Thaemert, Zooey Ghostly (Zooey Saintly), Louie Clay, Dalton Day, Art Goodtimes, Alexandra Wuest, David Mason, Candice L. Wuehle, Zach Vesper, DC DeMarse & Eric Schmaltz, as well as interviews with Gale Acuff and Joe Wenderoth, and a review of Sara Woods' book 'Sara or the Existence of Fire' by Christopher Morgan.

Really proud of the work put in by Fruita Pulp's interns from CMU, Benjamin Dunham and Kayla Hoppes!

Hope you enjoy!"
Fruita Pulp: Issue #7 January/February | Fruita Pulp
� Fruita Pulp: Issue #7 January/February 2015 New Work: Two Poems by Keegan Lester Star Gazing by Cat Dixon Two Poems by Zooey Ghostly Five Works in Collage by Dylan Thaemert Two Poems by Louie Clay Your Arm Is by Dalton Day Two Poems by Art Goodtimes Two Poems by Alexandra Wuest Two poems by David Mason.

Read Colorado poet Julie Carr’s poem “I Like America and America Likes Me” in Colorado Review at http://coloradoreview.colostate.edu/features/i-like-america/

Wendy Videlock is the featured poet in the current issue of Able Muse, with several new poems and an interview with David Mason. She also has new work currently appearing in Hampden Sydney Poetry Review, and new work will appear in the January issue of Hopkins Review, edited by David Yezzi. Her visual work appears in January's Mad Hatter's Review. Her new book, Slingshots and Love Plums, will appear in January of 2015.

Climbing and hiking in a Colorado winter was the theme for three Colorado poets, Katie Kingston, Beth Paulson, and Robert King in the Jan./Feb. 2015 issue of Colorado Life. The next theme will be “birds,” to be published in May-June issue. Send poems, including your mailing address, by email to poetry@coloradolifemagazine.com or to Colorado Life, PO Box 1974, Estes Park, CO, 80517.

David Mason, Danny Rosen, and Jared Smith have poems, along with many others, in the new issue of Pilgrimage, Vol. 38, #2 {Juan Morales, editor, Pueblo, CO)

Uche Ogbuji (Ndweo, Colorado: 2014 Colorado Poetry Chapbook Book Award) is featured with three poems at the Sage Green Journal:

Find David Mason’s WSJ essay on Ezra Pound, “The Tragic Hero of Literary Modernism,” on David’s Facebook page. Tried to post the WSJ link here [http://online.wsj.com/articles/book-review-ezra-pound-poet-the-epic-years-1921-1939-by-a-david-moody-1417818046] but it looks like you need to subscribe or log-in. That’s why David’s Facebook page was easier. (Bob King)

Read about Chris Ransick’s childhood top-secret books at the Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret blog at http://lighthouseblog.org/2014/12/04/lit-matters-a-little-light-reading-for-a-kid/

Hint: One of them is Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle!

Poet Mark Strand, 80, has died. His first collection, Sleeping With One Eye Open, was published in 1964. Named poet laureate of the United States in 1990, he received the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1999 for his collection Blizzard of One.


Nov. 28, 2014
It's been a good week for Poetry Concentration and MFA Director David J. Rothman. He has a poem, "Camembert," in the current issue of "The Wallace Stevens Journal," there's a brief, positive review by Sean Prentiss of "Living the Life: Tales from America's Mountains & Ski Towns" in the December issue of "Backcountry," and a poem about Thanksgiving, titled "Feast," was broadcast and just came out on the Colorado Public Radio website, where Dave is Resident Poet. Backcountry will also be publishing an interview by Sean Prentiss about the book.

Next week is the formal launch of Conundrum Press's Rocky Mountain Poetry Series at an event on Thursday, Dec. 4, at Rino in Denver, and the first issue of THINK, Western's new journal of poetry and criticism, is almost ready to roll off the presses. After that Dave has a reading at the Bookworm in Gunnison on Dec. 16 and at Grand Valley Books in Grand Junction on Dec. 18, and interviews forthcoming in "The Gunnison Times" and on KWSB, the university radio station. On we go...why sleep when there's poetry to conjure?

Fruita Pulp announces: we're accepting submissions for the Jan/Feb issue of Fruita Pulp! It's been a great first year and we want some eyebrow-parting, face-melting poems to help kick off the new year. Also looking for marginalia/ephemera, visual poems, word collage, oddness, essays on poetics and creative process, interviews with poets/publishers (self interviews, too)... open to ideas. Whatchya got?

Fruita Pulp: Issue #6 November/December Poems: Mineral Laughter by Jack Mueller Firefly Promises by John Yau Four Poems by Joe Wenderoth Five Poems by Stepha Peters Two Poems by Jessica Baer Three Poems by Sean Shearer...

Joseph Hutchison, Colorado’s new Laureate, is featured in a 3-part interview with Maureen Dioallas on “TweetSpeak: the best in poetry and poetic things.”
“Why I Teach Poetry”

“Let Go of What You Mean to Say”

“Everyone Has Imagination”

Talking Gourds interview/reading with Wendy Videlock (with Art Goodtimes and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer) on Youtube (hour-long):

William Notter (from Holyoke, now living in Virginia) and Bob King both had poems in the winter 2014 issue of The Midwest Quarterly. Daniel Klawitter’s poem, "Magicians", was just published in The Australia Times.

Colorado's Pilgrimage magazine announces deadlines for issue themes. See "Announcements"

See poems from Kyle Harvey’s “July” at:

You can order Kyle Harvey's “July” via Lithic Press.
Kyle Harvey is the editor of Fruita Pulp, an online poetry journal. His first collection of poems Hyacinth (Lithic Press 2013) was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award and his poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in American Life in Poetry, Colorado Journeys, Fat City Review, Heavy Feather Review, HOUSEGUEST, Mama Liberada, Ossuary Whispers, Reality Hands, SHAMPOO and SP CE.

Kyle Harvey’s quote of the day (11/12/14):
“Reality is not what it is. It consists of the many realities which it can be made into.” -Wallace Stevens

Rosanne Sterne's poem "Awareness" was accepted into the Spring 2015 issue of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders.

Women's Wilderness Writing Retreat (Sanda Dorr) at Redstone, Colorado, Jan., 2015. See info under "Workshops"

Karen Douglas’s book Accidental Child has been approved for Smashwords Premium catalog. You can order it here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/488767

"A futuristic, dystopian novel in the tradition of Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time."

Conundrum Press announces their tri-annual sampler of western literature. See "Announcements" for link to Issue 1.1

The Pedestal Magazine is accepting submissions of poetry from Nov. 3 to Nov. 30. 6 poems max. Use “Submittable.” See info at:

Read Joe Hutchison’s tribute to Galway Kinnell on Joe/s blog:

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (Selected Poems, 1983) and National Book Award winner Galway Kinnell has died at the age of 87.

Read New York Times obituary:

“I tend to be pretty optimistic about the audience for poetry. Writing programs and reading series, book groups, National Poetry Month, Billy Collins on the radio—there are more ways to access poetry than there ever have been before. It is an exciting time to be a poet, and to be a poetry editor trying to keep your ear to the ground in terms of where poetry is being experienced. It’s a much wider response than one might initially assume. Many of our poetry books have been our best-selling titles in these last few years.”

Jeff Shotts (Executive editor, Graywolf Press) in an interview in Poets & Writers, Nov/Dec. 2014.

Working on a chapbook? Three current contests under "Announcements"

Wendy Videlock has a Poem of the Day at the Poetry Foundation. Read it here:


SETH's giving a workshop starting Nov. 8 at a private venue in Golden. Look under "Workshops".

The call is on for entries for the 2015 Colorado Book Awards. The entry deadline is November 15, 2014 (unless your book was published after November 15—entries for those are due Jan. 2, 2015).

Check out the poetry in the new Mountain Gazette, including two by Vicki Mandell-King and two by Seth Brady Tucker.

David Feela’s poem “China Reign” appeared on New Verse News, Oct. 14, 2014.

A one-evening workshop in Castle Rock on flash prose, fiction, and nonfiction with Kathryn Winograd and Annie Dawid on Oct. 23. Go to "Workshops" for full information.

Aaron Anstett’s new book, Insofar as Heretofore, is now available from Backwaters Press. We found it at Barnes & Noble.

“Alternately high-flying and down-to-earth, these poems show wit, insight, and compassion.” Amazon review from Palimpsest, Sept., 2014.

Aaron Anstett’s No Accident is here for anyone who needs to (replenish the belief that American poetry is as healthy and useful as it ever was.”
Philip Levine – Author of The Simple Truth, Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, 1995

Aaron Anstett’s previous collections are Sustenance, No Accident, and Each Place the Body’s. Among other honors, his work has received the Nebraska Book Award, the Backwaters Press Prize, and the Balcones Poetry Prize, and he has served as a regional poet laureate, instituting a continuing program that places pamphlets of poems by local writers in waiting areas. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Lesley, and children.” Backwaters Press

Denver poet Eliot Khalil Wilson’s This Island of Dogs is now available (Aldrich Press and Amazon).

Poetry as lightning and penetrant, quickening the American experience . . . the return of Alexis de Tocqueville as poet.
—Djelloul Marbrook

Eliot Khalil Wilson, in his unforgettable poems, deploys a voice that has the sympathetic beauty of candlelight and of singing in darkness.
—Henri Cole

Nothing is too small, or too large, for Eliot Khalil Wilson’s capacious imagination. Poetic descendant of Whitman, Ginsberg, and Fernando Pessoa, Wilson catalogues, capers, and frolics through a multitude of lives with a relentless wit that also, fortunately, often breaks through to tenderness, or rage. Wilson challenges both our hatreds and our sympathies. I cheer these wonderfully readable, truth-telling poems.
—Maggie Anderson

Aaron Anstett’s new book, Insofar as Heretofore, is now available from Backwaters Press. We found it at Barnes & Noble.

Martin Balgach’s poem “What Holds Us” (Verse Daily, 2014) is available at http://www.versedaily.org/2014/whatholdsus.shtml.
His poem “Canopies” is at http://foggedclarity.com/2013/01/canopies/
“Poetry is universal!” he says after discovering page views on his site (martinbalgach.com) from 46 countries.

Kate Kingston’s book of poems, History of Grey, a runner-up in the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, 2014, is now available from Main Street Rag Publishing. http://www.mainstreetrag.com

Vicki Mandell-King has three poems in the newest issue of Praxis, a Journal of Gender & Cultural Critiques. Her website, containing the poems, is http://www.vmkpoetry.com/

Kathryn Winograd’s essay “Of Wind and Fire” is in the newest Florida Review, 38(1-2), 2014.

Kate Kingston is a 2014 Atlanta Review International Publication Prize Winnerfor her poem “Xoxocotlán Cemetery.” She was also a 2014 Semifinalist in the Nimrod International Journal Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry for her poem “What Words for God?”

Colorado picks a new State Poet Laureate...
UP BEAR CREEK | Colorado's New Poet Laureate
Poet Art Goodtimes on 'everyman's' poet Joe Hutchinson.

SETH is doing a workshop at the Arvada Center for the Arts Oct. 2 and 4th in performing poetry. See
"Workshops" for more info.

Barbara Ellen Sorensen has agreed to take on The Colorado Poet quarterly newsletter from the ColoradoPoetsCenter.org as Bob King steps down from the editorship.

Wendy Videlock’s poem “The Night Relies” was a finalist for the 2014 Rattle Poetry Prize and is forthcoming in the winter issue.

Colorado poets Tony Moffeit, Alysse Kathleen McCanna, and Jared Smith have work in Issue #7 of Casa de Cinco Hermanas (Kyle Laws, ed., Pueblo) along with featured poet Juan Morales.

Colorado poets Tony Moffeit, Alysse Kathleen McCanna, and Jared Smith have work in Issue #7 of Casa de Cinco Hermans (Kyle Laws, ed., Pueblo) along with featured poet Juan Morales.

John Nizalowski, Mesa State poet and writer, has a new blog up at johnnizalowski.blogspot.com.

“Described as a “personal encounter with the people and places of the American Southwest,” Dispatches from the Land of Cinnamon Sun will track Nizalowski’s adventures in one of the world’s most mysterious regions, a place where legends both ancient and new live in the red rock canyons, basaltic mesas, pyramidal mountains, and urban labyrinths at the dawn of our new century.

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, Gov Hickenlooper named Joe Hutchison of Indian Hills as the new Colorado poet laureate. See more information on Joe at his pages on ColoradoPoetsCenter.org.
Read an interview on one of his latest books, Marked Men at http://www.coloradopoetscenter.org/eWords/issue26/hutchison.html

Colorado poet Lary Kleeman’s book, Hawsapple, is available at all three Tattered Cover locations in Denver. Tattered Cover Press. ISBN: 1938859782 $10. “Hawsapple attends to the present and local with short-lined couplets that ruminate in the language of delicate resistance.”

A few lines from “Crane the Neck for Cranes”

O said I to the sky as they lifted
their voices to the lifting midday

thermals, and O stop me did they
in my tracks, their glide &

beat, catching what could be
caught to bear them further north,

a north of nest & clutch & new
generation () the sandhills drew

lines in the wind as we watched
formation break & resolve…

Martin Balgach’s book, Too Much Breath (Main Street Rag, 2014), is now available at Amazon. “Be the first to write a review,” as they say.

Coloradan Daryl Nielsen has a haiku at Lilliput Review’s Wednesday Haiku #188.


“Colorado Matters” from Colorado Public Radio, has a recent audio interview with David Mason saying farewell as the state’s poet laureate.


“Warning, Poems May Be Longer Than They Appear: An Anthology of Longish Poems.” Looking for poems of 3-6 pages/100-200 lines., any theme. No press yet. Eds: Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum and M. F. Silverman. By Sept. 30: longishpoems@gmail.com. Previously published okay if rights can be obtained. (McFadyen-Ketchum is represented on the CPC site).

Sample poem and ordering information for Mark Irwin’s 7th book, Large White House Speaking (New Issues, Western Michigan University, 2013)
at http://wmich.edu/newissues/titles/irwin-largewhitehousespeaking.html

Interview of Irwin by Susan Bell on Large White House Speaking and a sample poem at: http://dornsife.usc.edu/news/stories/1569/the-metaphysical-house

Remember Wallace Stevens’ “The Emperor of Ice-Cream” and how you may have felt the first time you read it? Kyle Harvey recently brought to attention a treatment of this poem by Austin Allen at the Poetry Foundation: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/article/248396

Rita Brady Kiefer’s new website is http://rbkieferauthor.com/
Find her poem “Like This” at http://rbkieferauthor.com/excerpts/

Archived poems by CSU’s Matthew Cooperman may be found at:



Bob King's "Saying the Word" appeared Aug. 3 on VerseWrights.com

Find two poems by Kierstin Bridger in Chicago Now:


Kyle Harvey's on-line Fruita Pulp is now reading for issue #5

Daniel Klawitter’s poem “Overflow & Commitment” is posted at VerseWrights. Hear it read aloud as well:

The July/August 2014 issue of Fruita Pulp is now available at:

Work by s. minetta gould, jeff alessandrelli, ernest hilbert, robert gibbons, jessica millnitz, amanda silernagel, david j. rothman; interview with jack Collom; essay: “arduity: paying attention to paul celan.”

(W)rites of Passage, a workshop from Boulder’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, runs on Saturdays, August 2 to the 23rd. Find more info at:

Vicki Mandell-King’s Tenacity of Lace is available at amazon.com for$9.95 + shipping.

See Denver Summer Workshops from Lighthouse Writers under "Announcements"

Lighthouse Writers Book Project, with mentor Chris Ransick. Check under "Announcements."

The new issue of Pilgrimage, edited by Juan Morales, focuses on the theme of Labor. Colorado poet Veronica Patterson has a poem in this issue as well as Jessy Randall with a collaboration with New Jersey poet Ken Cenicola.

Subscriptions to this Colorado journal are $22 for one year or $40 for two.
Juan Morales, Pilgrimage Magazine, Colo. State University-Pueblo, Dept. of English and Foreign Languages, 220 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO 81001

The E-book version of David Feela’s How Delicate These Arches is up at Raven’s Eye Press.

Vicki Mandell-King gives a shout-out to the recently concluded Lighthouse Writers Lit Fest at http://www.vmkpoetry.com/#!Musings-21/cuji/61635178-3863-48C1-B191-1CA12CDB8E4C

July/August 2014 Fruita Pulp now available. http://www.fruitapulp.com
Poetry by Rothman, Alessandrelli, Gibbons, Hilbert, Gould, Boning, Silbernagel, Coons and Crosby.

Michelle Harvey has 3 haiku at Writers and Lovers Studio. (p. 10, 22, 33)

NEW on the CPC homepage: click on “Interviews” and get an index of interviews with poets’ names (From Mike Adams to Jake York) and a clickable link to the page of The Colorado Poet where they first appeared.

A link got lost on the Colorado Humanities page so we didn’t get the results of the 2014 Book Awards as quickly as we wanted. The award in Poetry went to Tim Z. Hernandez for Natural Takeover of Small Things, and the Chapbook Award to Uche Ogbuji for Ndewo, Colorado.

Chris Ransick has three poems up at Sage Green Journal followed by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer on this link:

"What Holds Us," by Martin Balgach appeared on VEre Daily: “What Holds Us,” by Martin Balgach appeared on Verse Daily:http://www.versedaily.org/2014/whatholdsus.shtml

Veronica Patterson (Loveland) was the recipient of an inaugural Cornerstone Award on Saturday, June 21, 2014, sponsored by the Arts @ Feed and Grain, “for her commitment to teaching and sharing the literary arts with that community.”

“Winner of national awards and fellowships, including the New York University Press Prize for Poetry and the Colorado Book Award for Poetry, Veronica has clearly achieved excellence in her field. While the list of her published works is long, the list of her efforts to ensure that the literary arts are a vital part of our community’s spirit is equally long, including hosting early literary salons in unlikely and accessible places, organizing Poets in the Park, and teaching writing classes for groups from Pathways Hospice to the Univ. of Northern Colorado to Osher Lifelong Learning institute.”

Kyle Harvey has a poem in the first issue of Houseguest Magazine:

Charles Wright to be named new Poet Laureate of U. S. (June 13, 2014: More later)

Aama Harwood to read July 1st for Talking Gourds

The Telluride Institute’s Talking Gourds Poetry Club for the first Tuesday in July (July 1 at Arroyo Fine Art Gallery and Wine Bar, 220 E. Colorado Ave., Telluride) features Aama Harwood of Durango, whose father is Mysto the Magi – well known to Telluride audiences.

Harwood is a Colorado girl, born and raised, currently attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Integrated Physiology with aspirations of becoming a Naturopath Physician. However, Aama has always been a poet at heart. Her love of words date back to when she was only four years old and she wrote her first song. She believes words are a powerful median, giving eyes to how we each create, feel, think and connect to one other

Take note of a time change: for July and August Talking Gourds has been moved back two hours, to give folks a chance to enjoy the extended daylight. The event will start at 8 p.m. In Sept. the Club will go back to its normal 6 p.m. time slot. August guest poets are unconfirmed, but Front Range poet Joe Hutchinson is going to give a special evening reading Monday, Sept. 8th.

As always, following Club announcements and performances, we’ll have a short break and then pass the gourd around the room to give Club members and attendees a chance to read poems from the monthly theme -- pieces of their own or the work of a favorite other. July’s theme, chose by Alan Wartes, will be Meridian.

Talking Gourds Poetry Club is a joint venture of the Telluride Institute, Wilkinson Library, Between the Covers Bookstore, Arroyo Telluride and the newly formed Telluride Literary Arts. Members meet monthly, on first Tuesday evenings, at Arroyo Fine Art Gallery & Wine Bar at 220 E. Colorado Ave. (next door to Telluride Hardware and the Masonic Hall), beginning at 6 p.m. (8 p.m. June, July and August) in Telluride, Colorado. Call 970-729-0220 for more info. Or visit the Telluride Literary Arts website, tellurideliteraryarts.weebly.com

Remember, Martin Balgach reads from his new volume, Too Much Breath, at Cannon Mine Poetry (210 So. Public Rd., Lafayette) on Thursday, June 12, 7-9 p.m.

Remember, Martin Balgach reads from his new volume, Too Much Breath, at Cannon Mine Poetry (210 So. Public Rd., Lafayette) on Thursday, June 12, 7-9 p.m.

“How You Might Approach a Foal,” “a small poem,” as Wendy Videlock puts it, is up at The New Criterion

Eleanor Swanson’s short story collection, Exiles and Expatriates, winner of Prize Americana, is now available from Hollywood Books International.

Although much may be lost among our exiles and expatriates, much is also found. Crisscrossing the U.S. and abroad to Moravia, Dublin, Prague, as these characters travel, like all of us, they drag their home places and pasts behind them. In crisp and elegant prose each of Swanson's thoroughly absorbing stories gradually reveals "the wild, lonely heart" at its center.
–Nance Van Winckel B

Eleanor Swanson’s fiction and poetry have appeared in such publications as The Missouri Review, Black Warrior Review, High Plains Literary Review, The Denver Quarterly, and The Southern Review. Awards include a Fiction Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and a Colorado Council on the Arts
Fellowship in Literature (fiction). Her first poetry collection, A Thousand Bonds: Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. Her novel is Before the Reef (Plainview Press). Little Houses, her debut short story collection, was published by Stephen F. Austin State University Press. Conundrum Press published her third book of poetry Memory’s Rooms. Most recently, 3: A Taos Press published Trembling in the Bones: A Commemorative Edition Honoring the 100 Anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre (poetry).

A native of Miami, Florida, Swanson now lives in Denver, Colorado, and teaches environmental literature as well as fiction and poetry workshops at Regis University, where she is a professor in the English Department.

Uche Ogbuji's poem "Convergence" was published on p. 27 of Stonecoast Review's inaugural issue. http://stonecoastreview.com/?page_id=197

The Lake, a UK Poetry journal published Ogbuji's poem "Rooting Reflex" in which you might notice the turn upon a phrase from Sylvia Plath. http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk/poetry/uche-ogbuji/

Atavic Poetry, also from the UK, published Ogbuji's poem "Bolts". http://atavicpoetry.com/bolts/

Ogbuji's poem, "Brass Tack" in handwritten draft form is the cover of the latest issue of Singaporean journal OF ZOOS, written on a scrap of paper from a Colorado real estate agent._ http://www.ofzoos.tk/2.2=Coverpage.html

Middle Gray issue #3 includes a couple of Ogbuji's poems (pages 66-7), "Rainbow Children" and "Sojourn". http://middlegraymag.com/home/2014/1/30/middle-gray-magazine-issue-3

Middle Gray Magazine's editor Dariel Suarez also interviewed Ogbuji on poetry, alienation, restlessness, and the origins of his poems published int he journal. http://middlegraymag.com/mgblog/2014/3/19/uche-ogbuji_

UK Journal Ink Sweat & Tears._ published Ogbuji's poem "Hair of the Dog." http://www.inksweatandtears.co.uk/pages/?p=6349

Wisdom Crieth Without published a poem of Ogbuji's blending mythology and astronomy. http://www.wisdomcriethwithout.com/brown-dwarf-uche-ogbuji

Ogbuji was invited by the Poetry Genius site to publish one of his poems, "Colorado Lève Tôt" from his book, Ndewo, Colorado (finalist for the 2014 Colorado Book Award) with a detailed, hypertext break-down of the content. http://poetry.rapgenius.com/Uche-ogbuji-colorado-leve-tot-annotated

The Greek Journal Staxtes published four poems from Ndewo, Colorado in their "English Wednesdays" feature. http://staxtes.com/2003/?p=3494

Ogbuji drew on his Nigerian education, including in history, to write a poem, published in The Colorado Independent's "News Poem" section. "Another one" addresses the issue of recently kidnapped schoolgirls in Northern Nigeria which spawned the #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign.

Ogbuji's poem "Siegessäule," written nearby the iconic Berlin Victory Column is published in the current issue (Volume 12, Issue 1) of The Raintown Review, and recited with musical accompaniment online."_ https://soundcloud.com/uche-1/siegessaule

Kathryn Winograd (Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation, 2013) has embarked upon a new project, writing on Beacon, a platform for reader-supported journalism. Her project is a monthly column/essay under the title “Migrations at 9,600 Feet,” the altitude of her cabin and forty acres, which focuses on “the environmental issues and wonders that surround us.” Her goal is twenty-five subscribers to get started. Read more about it at:

Chris Hoffman has a new chapbook, Sketches from a Pilgrimage (Yare Press, Boulder, 2014), available for free download at http://www.hoopandtree.org/Camino%20chapbook.pdf

The chapbook centers on the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (northwest Spain) to the shrine of St. James.

Read David Feela’s poem, “Blue Genes,” on his blog at http://feelasophy.blogspot.com/2014/05/weekly-worded_9.html

On YouTube: “Transatlantic Poetry on Air,” hosted by Scottish Poetry Library, features David Mason and Gerry Cambridge (Mason reads first).

Julie Shavin's poem “Assassin of Clouds” has been accepted by GlassFire Magazine. Also, she, Jillian Parker (Eagle River, Alaska), and Timothy Buck (Jonesboro, Arkansas) have begun a blog - Spectral Lyre - which will become an e-zine and, eventually a print journal. The editors decided to collaborate on this project due to admiration of the poet Adam Zagajewski, among other poets, like Milosz and Szymborska. Please visit the following: http://spectrallyre.wordpress.com/.

Rosanne Sterne's poem “Eleven Pebbles from the Mountain of Stones” was awarded 2nd place in the 2014 ACC Writer's Studio Literary Contest by judge Bill Tremblay. Her poem “Blank Wall”
was recently published in the 2014 ACC Progenitor.

from Kyle Harvey: Excited to announce that Fruita Pulp: Issue #3 May/June is now online! Featuring poems by Kyle John Crawford, William Trowbridge, Lily Dodge, Mick Harris, Jennifer Hancock, Danny Rosen, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Leonard Kress and Laurie James. Arduity: Readerly Bafflement and What To Do About It by John Armstrong. An Interview with Art Goodtimes by Robert W. King. Really enjoyed reading all the poems and had a good (although a bit tedious) time putting it together. Please, read these poet's work and consider buying one of their books!

Fruita Pulp: Issue #3 May/June 2014 | Fruita Pulp
� Fruita Pulp: Issue #3 May/June 2014 Poetry: Thunder...

ART IN PUBLIC PLACES PERMANENT EXHIBIT; Michelle Harvey’s poem, "Dinosaur Ridge," has been installed at the Jefferson County Courthouse, West Line Rail Station, Jefferson County, Colorado.

A poem by J. Michael Martinez, from Greeley and a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, was featured in the May issue of Poetry as part of the poets anthologized in Angels of the Americylpse: New Latin@ Writing. His first collection, Heredities (2010), received a Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets. and his second, In the Gardens at the Bridehouse, will be published this fall by Univ. of Arizona Press.

Steve Tompkins’ book, Clay County Pastoral, is now available from Amazon and elsewhere. "A powerful debut from a talented, emerging American poet,” says Juan Morales. “Immense tenderness and intelligence,” says David Keplinger. “The stories are magnificent, the images brilliant, the rhythms superb,” says Tony Moffeit.

Watch for Michael Henry’s new book, Active Gods, due out from Conundrum Press in June.

Amy Marchak has become a street poet. Literally. In the street. Watch her often rhymed improvisations on topics suggested by passers-by in Boulder.

Stewart Warren’s latest collection, HumanKind: poems from inner and outer space (Mercury Heartlink Press) is now available on Amazon.

Lary Kleeman’s poem, "From the Book of Revelations," recently received first place in the 2014 Arapahoe Community College Literary Contest

David Rothman writes: “Calling all aspiring poets: Western State Colorado University, where I direct the Poetry Concentration in the MFA, still has a few openings for next year's entering cohort in our two-year MFA and new one-year MA. Our faculty -- David Yezzi, Ernie Hilbert, and yours truly -- is strong; our graduates and students are publishing all over the country; our curriculum is craft-based and rigorous; and you get to spend two weeks every summer in one of the most beautiful places in America, Colorado's Gunnison Valley. Check out Western's website, below -- spread the word -- and if you're interested, be in touch.

Vicki Mandell-King and Bob King (not related) have a poem each in Slant, Summer, 2014.

David Martin’s second collection, Deepening the Map, is now available as Kindle with paperback coming soon.

Colorado Springs: April 27
A reception to inaugurate Janice Gould as Pikes Peak Poet Laureate 2014-2016 will take place on Sunday, April 27, at 2:00 p. m. in the Carnegie Room of Penrose Library at 20 N. Cascade Avenue in downtown Colorado Springs. The reception is free and open to the public. For questions about the April 27th inauguration event, or for additional information about the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project, please contact Sue Hammond of the Pikes Peak Library District at shammond@ppld.org or 719.531.6333 x2011.

More from the official announcement:

On behalf of the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project selection committee and program organizers, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR) is pleased to announce that Janice Gould has been selected as the 2014-2016 Pikes Peak Poet Laureate. An accomplished poet and educator, Ms. Gould is an associate professor in Women’s and Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where she developed and directs the concentration in Native American Studies. “I'm honored, very pleased, and looking forward to becoming the next ambassador for poetry in our community,” said Ms. Gould. She will succeed Price Strobridge, who served as Pikes Peak Poet Laureate from 2012-2014.

Ms. Gould’s collections of published work include Doubters and Dreamers (a finalist for the Colorado Book Award for and the Binghamton University Milt Kessler Poetry Book Award), Earthquake Weather, Alphabet, and Beneath My Heart. She is also the co-editor, with Dean Rader, of Speak to Me Words: Essays on Contemporary American Indian Poetry. Among other honors, she has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ford Foundation. In 2011, she received the Literary Excellence Award in Poetry from the Pikes Peak Arts Council.

"We are honored and humbled to have a poet of such quality and accomplishment as Janice Gould serve as our region's next Poet Laureate," said selection committee Chairman Aaron Anstett.

The mission of the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project is to inspire and celebrate poets and poetry in the community. The project's goal is to designate the best of our region's poets as Poet Laureate and to support related programming that connects poets and poetry with our community in ways that are personal and meaningful. The presenting partners for the Project are the Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado College, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR), and Poetry West, a local non-profit poetry organization. These five organizations organize the Project and facilitate programming during the Poet Laureate's term of office.

For questions about the April 27th inauguration event, or for additional information about the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project, please contact Sue Hammond of the Pikes Peak Library District at shammond@ppld.org or 719.531.6333 x2011.

The Academy of American Poets has announced the 2014 Walt Whitman Award Winner: Hannah Sanghee Park.

“Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rae Armantrout has selected Hannah Sanghee Park’s manuscript “The Same-Different” as the recipient of the 2014 Walt Whitman Award, the Academy’s prestigious first book prize.

‘The poems in ‘The Same-Different,’ beginning with a set of gnomic sonnets, tell it slant, then slanter,” Armantrout writes. “They are so full of chiasmus, pun, and near-rhyme that their figures twist back on themselves like strands of DNA or a staircase by Escher. They are mirror-bright. This book is a literally dazzling debut.’”

Some short, strange poems by Jessy Randall may be found at http://www.strangehorizons.com/2014/20140224/6randall-p.shtml
and in The Bakery http://www.thebakerypoetry.com/tag/jessy-randall/

A prose piece by David Feela, “The Gulliver’s Backyard,” is now up at:

We were so interested in finding out the finalists for the 2014 Colorado Book Award in Poetry recently that we didn’t notice that Colorado CSU poet Dan Beachy-Quick is a finalist in “Literary Fiction” for An Impenetrable Screen of Purest Sky (Coffee House Press). The other two are Steven Schwartz for Little Raw Souls (Autumn House Press) and Charlie Quimby for Monument Road (Torrey House Press).

You can order the three finalist books for the 2014 Colorado Book Award:

To order Tim Hernandez’s Natural Takeover of Small Things:

To order Susan Allspaw’s Little Oblivion:

To order Sheryl Luna’s Seven: http://www.spdbooks.org/Producte/9780984792511/seven.aspx

Read two poems by Jessy Randall, “Bad Dream” and “Love Poem for my Daughter,” and two by Ginny Hoyle, “Homecoming” and “Flatirons Hike,” in the April Mountain Gazette.


Poetry Finalists for Colo. Book Award announced April 13. See "Announcements."

William Tremblay is represented in the new anthology With Our Eyes Wide Open: Poems of the New American Century, ed. Douglas Valentine (West End Press), “an anthology composed of poets from America and around the world who write about the struggles of the world’s outcasts, immigrants and working classes…”

Kathryn Winograd tells us Arapahoe Community College is looking for a creative writer. Full time position. https://arapahoe-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobInfo&version=1&jobid=39

Jared Smith has a poem, “Prelude to a Drought,” in the current Pedestal 73. Read it here: http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/gallery.php?item=23352

David Keplinger’s The Most Natural Thing (New Issues, 2013) gets reviewed by Jenny Molberg in the American Literary Review.


John W. May, a blogger at "Of Poetry", just published an appreciation/analysis of Daniel Klawitter’s poem, "Maybe God Is A Cat".

Dan Guenther has a poem (“Time of the Larkspur”) on:

Denver, April 19th:
The Big One's coming up folks --
From SETH: The 25th ANNUAL POETRY RODEO...lots of exciting events crammed into one afternoon & evening. SO BIG they're charging admission for this one. $10 gets you in, all the poetry you can eat.
April 19th -- noon to midnight. (Mercury Cafe)
More details to follow as we count down.

Matthew Cooperman’s had new poems accepted by New American Writing and The Literary Review. A new review of Imago for the Fallen Worlf is up at Coldfront: http://coldfrontmag.com/reviews/imago-for-the-fallen-world/

Dan Beachy-Quick’s book on Keats, A Brighter Word than Bright (Univ. of Iowa, 2013), is reviewed at:

Dan also has poems in Blackbox Manifold, Issue #11. http://www.manifold.group.shef.ac.uk/issue11/DanBeachyQuick11.html

The collection, Unchainable Spirit: A Poetic Farewell to Mike Adams (a Colorado poet and much more who left us too early), edited and published by R.D. Armstrong and Lummox Press, is now available. http://www.lummoxpress.com/lc/unchainable-spirit/

Not a reading but a get-together of the Denver Poetry Book Club on Tuesday, April 29, at 7 p.m. To talk about Donna Vorreyer's book A House of Many Windows. Which poem strikes you? What do you think about the order of the pieces? Narrative thread? Did any of them prompt a piece of your own? Love it? Hate it? Read it! Join us!

Find out more about the Denver Poetry Book Club at http://www.meetup.com/Denver-Poetry-Book-Club-for-Poetry-Writers-Meetup/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/denverpoetrybookclub

Wendy Videlock has a sonnet in the new anthology Irresistible Sonnets, now available from Amazon (ed. Mary Meriam, Headmistress Press, 2014).

Bob King’s poem, “The Breadknife of My Aunt,” is posted at Versewrights.com, April 2, 2014.

Jake York’s poem “Epistrophy” was Poetry Daily’s selection on March 31, 2014. It breaks the heart that he’s no longer with us and almost breaks the heart in another way that his poems are.
Read it at:

Joe Hutchison posts six Lois Hayna poems on his blog:

Eleanor Swanson has six poems on VerseWrights: “Walking Colfax Avenue, “My Name is Rupa,” “Landmine Museum,” “Gravity,” “I Love You, Says the Heart” and “H. G. Wells Re-Imagines Time Travel.”
Read them at http://www.versewrights.com/eleanor-swanson.html

New news from Beth Paulson: Her poem "Last Time" appears in Innisfree http://authormark.com/artman2/publish/Innisfree_18BETH_PAULSON4.shtml,

This year she’s also had work in Emrys Journal, Earth’s Daughters, and The Lindenwood Review, with one forthcoming in Still Crazy. She also gave a new workshop (in February, 2014, for Weehawken Creative Arts in Ridgway, CO): "Word Play: Four Favorite Forms for Poems."

Submissions for the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize are due by April 30. The prize carries awards of $200, $150, $100, and $50 honorable mention. Get details and submission form at:

Bob King has two poems, “The Childhood of My Circus” and “The Donkey Again” in Winter, 2014, issue of Turtle Island Quarterly.

Sheryl Luna has two poems, “Shock and Awe” and “Lowering Your Standards for Food Stamps” in the April, 2014, issue of Poetry.

In April (4, 5, 6, 12, 13) Wonderbound invites audiences to experience “Gone West,” a collaborative work featuring the choreography of Garrett Ammon, music of Ian Cooke and poetry of Michael J. Henry.

Gone West will take place April 4-6 at the Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School (1001 W. 84th Ave, Denver) and April 12 and 13 at the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center (20000 Pikes Peak Ave., Parker). Tickets are on sale now at wonderbound.com or by calling 303-292-4700.

In 2008, Ammon and Lighthouse Writers Workshop Executive Director Michael J. Henry embarked on a creative relationship that has produced two celebrated works, When the Power Goes Out (2009) and Intersection (2009), that meld dance with the written word. This third full-length collaboration will feature 11 new poems by Henry.

“Poets don’t usually collaborate or even consider their audiences,” said Henry, “we just write something and hope that people read it. This production is more dynamic, fun and ambitious than anything else I have done to date.”

Read Seth Brady Tucker’s poem, “His Pomeranian,” in The Chattahoochee Review at:

David Feela is a Poet of the Week on the “Poetry Super Highway”. Go to:

Indie Publishing for Poets
Karen Douglass and Faye Quam Heimeri are offering a presentation on independent publishing on Sunday, April 6, 2-4 p.m. at the Bookbar (4280 Tennyson St.). Members of CIPA free; others $10. Only 15 spots and registration is required. Go to:

We’re still trying to catch up with Beth Paulson’s work from last year. She had poems in Cloudbank, Red Rock Review, Pinyon Review, The Kerf, The Lyric, and Naugatuck River Review. Her poem "Chance" won Honorable Mention in the 2013 Passager Contest.

Her new book, Canyon Notes, was reviewed in the 2013 issue of Blueline. and she gave a reading and taught a class for Mark Todd's writing students at Western Colorado State in April 2013.

She co-founded with poet Kierstin Bridger a new monthly poetry reading series in Ridgway called "Open Bard" at the historic Sherbino Theater.

Paulson also has a new one-day workshop called "Poetry and Spirit: A Workshop for Readers and Writers" and Poetica, a monthly writing workshop for area poets which she leads, which is now in its fourth year, meeting fourth Thursday afternoons at the Ridgway Library.

We’re still trying to catch up with Beth Paulson’s work from last year. She had poems in Cloudbank, Red Rock Review, Pinyon Review, The Kerf, The Lyric, and Naugatuck River Review. Her poem "Chance" won Honorable Mention in the 2013 Passager Contest.

Her new book, Canyon Notes, was reviewed in the 2013 issue of Blueline. and she gave a reading and taught a class for Mark Todd's writing students at Western Colorado State in April 2013.

She co-founded with poet Kierstin Bridger a new monthly poetry reading series in Ridgway called "Open Bard" at the historic Sherbino Theater.

Paulson also has a new one-day workshop called "Poetry and Spirit: A Workshop for Readers and Writers" and Poetica, a monthly writing workshop for area poets which she leads, which is now in its fourth year, meeting fourth Thursday afternoons at the Ridgway Library.

Kierstin Bridger of Ridgway has two poems inChicago Now

LUMMOX PRESS will be reading for its third anthology from May 1 to August 1, 2014. The theme will be Desire/Road Kill, 60 line limit, 2-3 poems + bio. Chance to win a chapbook publication. See more at:

David Mason’s new book, Sea Salt: Poems of a Decade, 2004-2014, is now available.

An essay by George Drew on Juan Morales' book, Friday and the Year That Followed, entitled “Bouncing the Rubble: The Unearthing of Juan J. Morales.” is scheduled to appear in late March or early April in BigCity Lit, a NY online journal.

Michele Harvey has had three haiku accepted for the Spring, 2014, issue of Writers and Lovers Café.

New (March 16) issue of Fruita Pulp has poems by Videlock, King, Kerstetter, Clark, Black, Von, Good, and Pobo.

Daniel Klawitter, whose latest chapbook, For the Famished, is now available, has a poem reprinted at Eat Your Words (scroll down):

2014 books out include Colorado poets Martin Balgach (Too Much Breath, Main Street Rag Press), Barbara Sorensen (Compositions of the Dead Playing Flutes, Able Muse Press), Kate Kingston (History of Grey, Main Street Rag Press) and Andrew McFadyen Ketchum (Ghost Gear, Univ. of Arkansas Press, 2014).

Vicki Mandell-King (Louisville) has a poem up: “Skating Lesson”

“Backward-Spreading Brightness” by Christopher Kondrich, an editor for Denver Quarterly, is in the Fall, 2013 issue of Colorado Review. Read it here: http://coloradoreview.colostate.edu/features/backward-spreading-brightness/

Maria Melendez Kelson and Anne Waldman have work in the March 2014 Poetry. The issue focuses on writers who will be featured at the end of March in Washington D. C. at the “Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation and Witness.” The group supports “poets who write in the public sphere.”

Get a sneak peak, in a poem called “Waiting for the Raptor,” at Bruce Berger’s contribution to the Rocky Mountain Poetry Series at https://rally.org/rockymountainpoetryseries#post_2YLf02ssZlY

AND consider supporting the series!

Carolyn Reed Whitlow and Marilyn Krysl are the co-editors of the newly released Obsession: Sestinas in the Twenty-First Century (Dartmouth College Press) with over 130 selections.

On his blog, the Perpetual Bird, Joe Hutchison admires David Mason’s review of books by Auden, Franz Wright, William Logan, Deborta Greger, David Lehman, and Stephanos Papadopoulos in the latest Hudson Review.


Hutchison quotes a paragraph:
“Most contemporary poets I read seem too concerned with avoiding ridicule, trying to be the smartest kid in the workshop, rather than plumbing what Eliot called 'the inexplicable mystery of sound'—bodying forth a whole charged expression of living. Much of our poetry seems denatured, flat. Intelligence abounds, cleverness is everywhere, but vitality is hard to find."

"Available" vs. "Hard" Poetry?
John Armstrong in latest Fruita Pulp makes a distinction between obscure and difficult poetry at http://www.fruitapulp.com/category/features-essays/

And CSU MFA student Kaelyn Riley has "Obscurity, Clarity, & Trying to Mean" over on the CSU blog: http://creativewriting.colostate.edu/2013/11/obscurity-clarity-trying-to-mean/

From Michael Henry: Mountain Gazette's February gang of poems is live! Hop on over and give them a look--with some fine poems by Kimberly McClintock, Kimberly O'Connor, Jordi Alonso, Therese Samson Wenham, George Drew, and Roger Wehling.


Kyle Harvey, of Fruita Pulp, has posted three poems by Jack Mueller, well known San Francisco arts advocate and poet who now lives “in semi-silence” in the mountains of southwestern Colorado. Mueller’s book, Amor Fati, was published by Lithic Press in 2013.


Michael J. Henry invites you to view poems from this current issue of Mountain Gazette—Therese Samson Wenham, George Drew, Kimberly O’Connor, Roger Wehling, Kimberly McClintock, Jordi Alonsa

Michael J. Henry invites you to view poems from this current issue of Mountain Gazette—Therese Samson Wenham, George Drew, Kimberly O’Connor, Roger Wehling, Kimberly McClintock, Jordi Alonsa

Mark Leichliter taught fiction at the Univ. of Northern Colorado for many years and now lives and writes from Montana. His novel, In the Chameleon’s Shadow, has just appeared under his writing name, Mark Hummel. It’s available as an e-book on Kindle, as a Nookbook, and in print via Amazon. Order through your favorite independent bookstore, he suggests. Aaron Lugner is the chameleon, “a skillful con-artist hidden in plain sight. When reminders from his past return him to the U. S., he meets Myriam, a beautiful Amerasian, one of the ‘dust of life’ orphaned by the Vietnam War. Desiring to change and convinced he is in love, Aaron vows never to lie to her. Away from Myriam, his lies begin to take on life of their own. With her, his split selves threaten to collide.”

Green Fuse Poetic Arts announces submissions for its anniversary IMPROV anthology. Deadline March 15. More information under “Announcements” and at website: http://www.greenfusepoeticarts.org/

Call for submissions.
Indian Paintbrush Poets, established in 2005, reading book length manuscripts, 50 pages or more. Contact victorpearn@ymail.com for submission guidelines. All manuscripts will be read and considered for publication.

Jovan Mays is the city of Aurora’s first poet laureate, approved Jan. 27 by the City Council. According to the Denver Post, he’ll serve for two years and will “advocate for poetry, literacy and literature, give public readings and lead creative writing in schools.” Mays is an award-winning member of Denver’s Slam NUBA team.

From Michael Henry: Denver, Performing Arts Complex, Feb. 14-16
“(Shameless self-promo disguised as Valentine's Day celebration...) The amazingly talented folks at Wonderbound are performing a ballet, called "When the Power Goes Out," for which I wrote a series of dramatic monologues, each exploring a different love relationship. Oh, and it ends happily, so you should go see it.” See schedule at: http://wonderbound.com/performances/love-2014/

Wendy Videlock reports that Virginia Quarterly Review “has temporarily dropped its pay wall” so you can find her two “small poems” on-line:
“A Toast” and “I Say Archetype”

Jovan Mays is the city of Aurora’s first poet laureate, approved Jan. 27 by the City Council. According to the Denver Post, he’ll serve for two years and will “advocate for poetry, literacy and literature, give public readings and lead creative writing in schools.” Mays is an award-winning member of Denver’s Slam NUBA team.

Read an essay by Jill Christman on Kathy Winograd’s “Bathing’ (from her new prose book, Phantom Canyon,) here: http://essaydaily.blogspot.com/

Steve Tompkins debut collection, Clay County Pastoral, is forthcoming. Read blubs and get more info at:

Featured in the latest issue of Steven D. Schroeder’s –Anti is Melissa Barrett (Kent, Ohio) with two poems. She’s forthcoming in Best New Poets 2013.

Accents Publishing announces their 2014 Poetry Chapbook Contest. CPC doesn’t know anything about this except what they say but thought someone might be interested. Deadline on or before April 30, 16-36 pages, $15 entry fee. See more at

Heard about the Rocky Mountain Poetry Series that Caleb at Conundrum Press is fomenting? It’s a subscription series and the hope is to reach a goal of 300 by May this year. David Rothman has already gotten started on the series which will include anthologies of Colorado and Wyoming poets and two new collections by Bruce Berger. Visit the site to find out more. https://rally.org/rockymountainpoetryseries#post_fahEtnUKZQa

Future Cycle Press has re-published Joseph Hutchison’s volume Bed of Coals, originally published by the Univ. Press of Colorado and the 1994 winner of the Colorado Poetry Award. It’s now available in both paperback and Kindle editions. Congratulations to Joe! To see more, visit:


Ft. Collins poet Victor Pearn (Apricot Harvest, Indian Paintbrush Poets, 2012) will have his first short story published in March, online at Aquarium by the Ocean.

New northern Colorado poet Erin Virgil has a book out, memory holes, from Monkey Puzzle Press.

“Erin Virgil's memory holes is an awakening. Her collage of stories exposes the narrator's reality - a broken [w]hole revealing pictures of a shattered memory. Descend into these holes with Erin, and see humanity developing out of the darkness.” (Monkey Puzzle Press)

See sample and order at: http://monkeypuzzlepress.com/books/memory-holes/

Wendy Videlock’s poem “Merchant Culture” is available from Rattle, 1/17/14, at

Kyle Harvey has two poems (“Hyacinth” and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Orange”) in issue 41 of Shampoo. Read them here:

A poem by Martin Balgach “Thrill Wanting Wormhole”) and his commentary (“associative chaos”) are at:

What’s Michael Henry doing about getting everyone involved in the nation-wide program Big Read, having won a grant for the Lighthouse Writers’ Workshop to host the program locally? The book is Marilyn Robinson’s “Housekeeping” and the starting date for the Big Read is Jan 24. Find out more at:


Kierstin Bridger, who, with Beth Paulson, helps bring Open Bards to Ridgway, has a poem, “Eggs, Garlic, Yam,” appearing in the current online issue of Mason’s Road: a literary and art journal.
http://www.masonsroad.com/issue-8/poetry-issue-8/eggs-garlic-yam/Kierstin Bridger

Two poems by Lisa Zimmerman have just appeared in Natural Bridge #30.

“Architecture professor Madeline Schwarzman was riding the New York City subway one day when an idea came to her: ‘Ask a stranger to write a poem!’”

View responses of over 100 New Yorkers (and view original products) at: http://www.poemsbynewyorkers.com/

The magazine Colorado Life has announced “Prairies” as the theme for the May/June 2014 issue. Send poems, including your mailing address, to poetry@coloradolifemagazine.com (or PO Box 974, Estes Park, CO 80517).
When the magazine started a couple of years ago several “Colorado Poets Center” folks had work in it but that seems to have fallen off. Please keep this market in mind—it reaches a lot of people that don’t ordinarily read poetry.

Michael Henry, poetry editor for the Mountain Gazette, is asking for submissions at http://www.mountaingazette.com/poetry-submissions. Read the guidelines.

Jane Hilberry has two poems, "All A's" and We Were Never Much for Ceremony," in the current issue (53/1, 2013) of Tar River.

Art Goodtimes has two poems, “Christmas Pop” and “What I Want for Xmas?" in Poets’ Corner of Telluride Inside…and Out.

Watch for David Mason’s new book, Sea Salt: Poems of a Decade: 2004-2014, to appear from Red Hen Press in April, 2014.

Pilot Light: A Journal of 21st Century Poetics and Criticism has a collection “On the Work of Jake Adam York” with 11 contributors, including David Keplinger and Brian Barker. Read it at:

Daniel Klawitter has a villanelle (“the only one I’ve ever written”) in the next issue of Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature. Order the issue coming out Dec. 21 and/or read it at GoodReads here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1610823-my-poem-santa-fe-new-mexico-in-wayfarer-a-journal-of-contemplative

Kathryn Winograd’s essay “On the Nature of Prose-Poetry: Humming Bird of Paragraph,” which first appeared in The Colorado Poet, is reprinted on the Conundrum Press blog (Dec. 16, 2013) at:

Winograd’s essay “on packrats, global warming, and everything else” will be published in the next issue of Fourth Genre 16.

Mary Szybist (Incarnadine, Graywolf Press) won the 2013 National Book Award in Poetry. Read an interview with her here: http://www.nationalbook.org/nba2013_p_szybist_interv.html#.Uqx9CIUzTzI

Steven D. Schroeder congratulated Jeffrey Schultz as having his book selected for the National Poetry Series and posted two Schulz poems, “Inner City Circular Saw Cosmology Blues” and “The Soul as a Kind of Life I Sort of Lived Once” from Schroeder’s online journal –Anti at http://anti-poetry.com/anti/schultz/

For an interview with Schroeder himself in Barn Owl Review, see http://www.barnowlreview.com/schroeder.html

Bob King has 5 poems at The Adirondack Review, Winter, 2013: http://www.theadirondackreview.com/robertking.html

From Sandra Dorr in Grand Junction:
Dear writers, dear friends,

Two local writers died in November, Leigh Fortson and Zina Lahr. Leigh was a dear Grand Junction friend, extraordinary playwright, author, mother, dreamer. Join all of us who loved Leigh at a memorial celebration Monday, 12/16, 7 p.m., at the Two Rivers Winery Chateau.

Zina, from Ouray, a beloved young student of John McConnell, was a writer, animator, illustrator, fabricator, scientist, robotics enthusiast, artist. From her blog of art and writing, normallyodd.com: "I can say with complete honesty, I do not dress the way I do, or act the way I act for reasons of self-promoted fame. I could care less about my popularity... I simply am myself... and that is all I have ever pursued without reservation in my time here."

It makes everything else larger to contemplate the loss of these two, like brilliant sparks flaring out into the dark. As Zina wrote, “Sometimes our lives speak louder than the truth.” In this month of lights and ancient turning, may we all be awake, and kind. May we live well!

Poetry: Music to the Mind

Joe Hutchison’s blog, The Perpetual Bird, lets us know about scientists at the University of Exeter who, using brain imaging technology, "found activity in a 'reading network' of brain areas which was activated in response to any written material. But they also found that more emotionally charged writing [i.e., poetry] aroused several of the regions in the brain which respond to music. [...] In a specific comparison between poetry and prose, the team found evidence that poetry activates brain areas ... which have been linked to introspection."

Full article, “Poetry Is Like Music to the Mind,” at:

Martin Balgach says anyone interested in his new chapbook, Too Much Breath, can get it for only $6 right now, but it will be $11 once it’s in print. With a small indie press, pre-sales help to determine the print run, so advance orders are much appreciated. More info and some sample poems can be found at the following link. http://mainstreetrag.com/bookstore/product/too-much-breath/

Two of Wendy Videlock’s poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, one from the editors of Hudson Review and one from editors of Kin.

Erin Virgil reports two books forthcoming, Memory Holes, an e-book of prose memoir from Monkey Puzzle Press, and Fantastic Voyage to the Ordinary Planet, a chapbook of poems from Dancing Girl Press. We’ll have more information on those later. Erin and her husband are now located near Red Feather Lakes, working at the Shambhala Center.

Kyle Laws and Julianza Shavin are two Colorado poets on Tupelo Press’s Poem-a-Day project. Follow them (and possibly donate) at: http://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/

Aaron Anstett's poems recently appear or are forthcoming in, among others, Another Chicago Magazine, The Laurel Review, Map Literary, and [PANK]. His recent chapbooks are available from http://www.kylelaws.com/33101.html and http://kattywompuspress.com/ content/next-thing-you-know, and his next collection, Insofar as Heretofore, will appear in 2014.

Jared Smith, an editor at Turtle Island Quarterly, tells us the late Michael Adams is being awarded a Pushcart Award nomination for his poem “No Words” which appeared in the second issue of TIQ

Issue 13 of Steven D. Schroeder’s –Anti has 23 poems by 20 poets including new CPC poet Andrew McFayden-Ketchum. http://anti-poetry.com/issue13/

Schroeder also has a poem--“Aaahhh!”--on-line at Vinyl Poetry:

Lawrence Gladeview and Tony Moffeit are two of the dozen poets with a poem in Shotgun Blasts from Underground, a recent chapbook from Tree Killer Ink. Find it at:

Mary Crow has recently had poems accepted for publication in Poet Lore, Oyez Review, and Passager, and translations accepted for a book on Jorge Teillier to be published in Chile.

Wendy Videlock's poem "Of You," a finalist in the Rattle Poetry Prize, appeared recently in the Winter, 2013, issue of Rattle.

Poet Seth Brady Tucker’s short story, “Jigsaw,” won this year’s Bevel Summers Prize from the magazine Shenandoah. Read it here:


Read an interview at Spark Wheel Press with Steven D. Schroeder about his new book, The Royal Nonesuch. http://sparkwheelpress.com/site/interview-with-steven-d-schroeder/

It just came to our attention that Colorado artist and poet, Stephen Beal, died in Loveland in 2010. For more on his career, which included the 1997 Colorado Book Award in Poetry, see "Announcements."

Feature #116 of Steven D. Schroeder’s online Anti- contains two poems by Sam Sax, a west-coaster now in the MFA program at Univ. of Texas/Austin.

Barbara Ellen Sorensen (Composition of the Dead Playing Flutes, 2013) was just awarded a month-long residency from the Jentel Artist Residency Program on a ranch up in Banner, Wyoming, in spring of 2014.

Issue #2 of Lummox, just out, has poems by Michael Adams, Captain Barefoot, Karen Douglass, Robert King, Kyle Laws, Tony Moffeit. As well, Jared Smith has a poem and a book review and Phil Woods a poem and an essay.

Mary Crow’s poem, “Blind Spots,” appears in the recent issue of Poet Lore, Fall-Winter, 2013.

Have a favorite book published since 1950 that really wowed you? Enter Joe Hutchison's list to contribute to a list of 50-Best-Books. See "Announcements" for details.

Chris Ransick passes on this link to a current interview with Juan Morales:
La Bloga: Interview with Juan Morales, editor and publisher of the literary journal, Pilgrimage

Poet Amber Koneval has been awarded the 2013 Doxa Award for Poetry for her collection of five poems included in the Fall, 2013, issue of Doxa, Nebraska Christian College’s undergraduate literary magazine. The poems included at “The Widow’s Mite,” “The Road to Jericho,” “Vocation,” “Who are You to Speak of God” and “Consolation.”

Wendy Videlock has poems this month in The Hudson Review and Quadrant, as well as this one in The New Criterion:

Imago for the Fallen World, a collaborative work by Matthew Cooperman (poems) and Marius Lehen (art) has come out from Jaded Iris Press, 2013

Cooperman has two poems recently available online:
“More Interesting” The Awl http://www.theawl.com/2013/07/more-interesting-a-poem-by-matthew-cooperman
“Jungle Book 6” and “Jungle Book 9” http://www.newfoundjournal.org/current-issue/poetry-matthew-cooperman/

Martin Balgach’s new chapbook, Too Much Breath, will appear from Main Street Rag Press mid-March of 2014. Get a substantial discount by ordering now.

See "Announcements" for Call for Submissions as City of Aurora Poet Laureate. Deadline: Dec. 16.

Jared Smith’s 13th volume of poetry, To The Dark Angels, has been accepted by New York Quarterly Books and will be released in 2014. Watch for it.

Barbara Ellen Sorensen has a new book, Compositions of the Dead Playing Flutes, from Able Muse Press. It’s available from Able Muse Press, or Amazon or B&N.

3: A Taos Press has published Dr . Eleanor Swanson's book, Trembling in the Bones: A Commemorative Edition, to honor the 100th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre in the coal fields of southern Colorado. Complete with an Introduction by Veronica Golos, Study Questions, and an Historical Perspective, the book was selected by Regis University as the Freshman Book of the Year.

Stachtes, a Greek Zine, has an "English Wednesdays" feature, in which they published 5 of Uche Ogbuji's poems: "Lashed," "Fire Next Time," "Zounds," "Brandy Lève Tôt" and "Twit Jug." http://www.staxtes.com/2013/10/uche-ogbuji-sunlight-stealing-over.html

Stachtes has also invited him to send work for future English Wednesdays, and these might include poems from Ogbuji's collection Ndewo, Colorado (Kelsay Books, 2013). http://uche.ogbuji.net/ndewo/

Ogbuji also has three poems in the recent Africa issue of Shot Glass: "Nnenna," "Eke na egwùrùgwù" & "Ndu m." http://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/uche_ogbuji1.html

Another poem on an Igbo/African theme is in the new issue of [I]Looseleaf Tea[/I], available online (p. 19): "Okobi and the Crying…" http://issuu.com/looseleaftea/docs/looseleaf_tea_issue_1.3

Atavic also published his poem "Unscheduled Flight"

David Mason’s time as Colorado Poet Laureate will come to an end in 2014, the Colorado Center for the Book (a program department of Colorado Humanities) has reported. They will be announcing the nomination process and additional information in early December and ask interested parties to check their website.

The deadline to nominate a book (your book, that is) for the 2014 Colorado Book Award is Dec. 31, 2013. Get details at

Read Wendy Videlock’s “Hawk,” poem-of-the-day on Oct. 17 at the Poetry Foundation at:

J. A. Tyler’s The Zoo, A Going, will be available from Dzanc Book in December, 2013.
(Amazon, Powell’s and Barnes & Noble)

Jake Adam York’s poem “Cry of the Occasion” in Kenyon Review, 1/13, is available at:

Ruth Ellen Kocher’s poem “Forms of Range and Loathing” is featured on the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, Oct. 23, 2013.

Kathryn Winograd just found out her poem "The Lives of Cells," which won the Chautauqua Poetry Contest 2011, is listed among the special mentions in Pushcart Prize XXXVIII.

Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai, co-edited by Joseph Hutchison and Andrea Watson and published by Future Cycle press, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Malala is the 15-year-old Pakistani girl who was recently shot by a Taliban gunman. Colorado poets in the anthology include Hutchison and Watson as well as Kathleen Cain, Kathryn Winograd, and Rita Brady Keifer.

Andrea O’Brien has two poems in the current (10/13) Verse Wisconsin magazine.

Finalists for this year’s National Book Award in Poetry have been announced: Frank Bidart (Metaphysical Dog, Farrar, Straus & Giroux); Lucie Brock-Broido (Stay, Illusion, Knopf); Adrian Matejka (The Big Smoke, Penguin); Matt Rasmussen (Black Aperture, Louisiana State University Press); and Mary Szybist (Incarnadine, Graywolf Press). The ceremony is Nov. 20.

Juan Morales, Maria Melendez, and Sheryl Luna are represented by the Poetry Foundation in a special section on this site, their names (and other Latino/a writers) linked to biographical and poem information.

Hyacinth by Kyle Harvey, Finding Cassiopeia by Frank J. Coons, and Amor Fati by Jack Meuller are three new releases from Lithic Press.

The 2013 Prize Americana for Prose has been given to Eleanor Swanson for her short story collection Exiles and Expatriates.

Jared Smith has just been accepted as a Board Member of the New York Quarterly. In the 1970s and 80s, Smith on served NYQ’s Editorial Committee and then a Board Member. Now, in 2013, Board President, Daniel Y. Harris, has persuaded him to return as Board Member, and Jared agrees this is “exciting news.”

Joseph Hutchison’s “Winter Sunrise Outside a Café” has appeared in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry as #446 on Oct. 7, 2013. See

Four poems by Daniel Klawitter are now available at VerseWrights, including his newest “just finished last week”--"The Poetic Crimes Investigative Unit": http://www.versewrights.com/daniel-klawitter.html

Uche Ogbuji has a short collection of poems, Ndewo, Colorado forthcoming this November from Kelsay Books.The title means "Hello, Colorado" in Ogbuji's native Igbo language, and the poems are all from his perspective as an immigrant to the state. He has also recorded an audio introduction and pronunciation guide.

Uche Ogbuji has a poem "Vulcan's Invisible Ink Trap" in the latest issue of Jersey Devil Press (page 23 of the full issue). He also has three poems, "Godiva Fortuna," "Deracine" and "Aghast" in Black Mirror magazine and a couple of poems, "Ad Astra per Tacta" and "Satura Lanx" in Angle Poetry #4 (page 82).

A review of David Keplinger’s The Most Natural Thing in Tri-Quarterly is found at:

As of summer, 2013, the Colorado Poets Center has a Facebook page. Visit it and "like" us, as they say. The same content is posted there as on this site (Awards and Writing News) but a bit more quickly. Become a friend!

Kate Kingston's poetry manuscript, History of Grey, placed as a runner-up for the 2013 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award and will be published by Main Street Rag. Pre-sales are now available at a considerable discount at

Jeffrey Schultz is the featured poet on Feature #112 of Steven D. Schroeder’s Anti-:

Bob King, with four poems on Versewrights, joins M. D. Friedman's five-poem folder.

A profile from High Country News on Colorado Laureate David Mason:

Daniel Klawitter’s recently published ”The Last Laugh of Tommy Lee” is available at:

Wendy Videlock’s poem, “Of You,” was a finalist for the 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize, it was announced on Sept. 15, 2013.

MD Friedman's poem, "Finding My Own Moon", has been published at VerseWrights in both audio and text formats. http://www.versewrights.com/aloud-md-friedman-2.html

Utah poet Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (2010 Saltman Award for But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise) is the featured poet with two poems on Steven D. Schroeder’s –Anti. Issue #111: http://anti-poetry.com/bertramli1/

Seth Brady Tucker (Lafayette) was a finalist for the 2013 Tampa Review Prize for “We Deserve the Gods We Ask For.” Another Coloradan, Sigman Byrd (Westminster) made the list with “The Blue Heaven of Emptiness.”

Katie Kingston’s new book of poems, History of Grey, is forthcoming from Main Street Rag Publishing and the publisher is offering presales at a considerable discount ($9 instead of $14).

Stewart S. Warren’s Mercury HeartLink Press announces two new poetry publications. Tzimtzum (anthology of 5 contemporary (aaron a. abeyta, Tani Arness, Richard Broderick, Judyth Hill, and Katherine DiBella Seluja) and Arranging the Constellations, by Robb Thomson. See http://www.heartlink.com/

Barbara Sorensen’s Song from the Deep Middle Brain is reviewed in current issue of The Bloomsbury Review (31/3). “…a model of poetic clarity,” writes Robert Milo Baldwin. “This book blends the grace of Sorensen’s deep insight with the simplicity of plain eloquence.”

Daniel Klawitter’s poem, "South For The Winter", has been published in the August 2013 "Birds" issue of Cyclamens & Swords:

Jenne R. Andrews announces that her first collection of poetry in thirty years,Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, may now be ordered from Finishing Line Press! Order from Finishing Line or via http://blackbirdsdance.blogspot.com/.

Issue #1 of Turtle Island (Jared Smith, editor) is available on-line now.
Go to main site and click on link for Issue One:

A review of David Keplinger’s The Most Natural Thing is in The Fiddleback:


A new mag in Grand Junction has issued a call for submissions. Read more under "Announcements".

Uche Ogbuji has a couple of new poems in the latest Gris-Gris. "Two Kitchens" & "The Rails, The Roll," a poem "Colorado…Du Grand Soleil…Du Vent" at String Poet, the text and an editorial essay on his poem "Catamount," at Leveler. There is also his poem, with audio, "Autumn Equinox Creature Song" at Qarrtsiluni, "Spark Plug to Nova" in Corium Magazine and "Dear Biafra" in Don't Just Sit There (p.20).

There’s an interview with Tim Hernandez, author of new books Natural Takeover of Small Things and Manana Means Heaven (both from Univ. of Arizona Press, 2013) at: http://www.poetsquarterly.com/2013/07/interview-with-tim-z-hernandez.html?m=1

Michele Harvey's new book, Poetry For Living an Inspired Life: Poems as Spiritual Meditation is now available at http://micheleharveyauthor.com/books/, https://www.createspace.com/4282826 and on Amazon.

What Wendy Videlock calls “my peculiar little book,” The Dark Gnu, (order at http://www.ablemusepress.com/ ) is reviewed in current issue of New Pages. Read it at:

Check out the possibility of supporting the Rocky Mt. Poetry Series at Conundrum Press. A patron receives books regularly, once the quota is reached. https://rally.org/rockymountainpoetryseries

See/hear Chris Ransick, Eleanor Swanson, and Bob King read a poem each at the recent Conundrum Press launching on the press’s blog: http://conundrumpress.tumblr.com/

David Mason has a poem, “Another Thing,” in the July-August issue of Poetry. Read it here:

Joe Hutchison is experimenting with an audio broadcast service called Spreaker, putting up an interview he did a few years ago with Dona Stein on her “Poetry Show” from KRFC-FM in Ft. Collins.
Hear it at:

Cheryl Loetscher’s chapbook, The Butcher’s Daughter, has appeared from Tiger’s Eye Chapbooks (P. O. Box 9723, Denver, CO, 80209). http://www.tigerseyejournal.com/index.html

Beth Paulson’s had a busy year. She’s had poems so far this year in Cloudbank, Red Rock Review, Pinyon Review, The Kerf, The Lyric, and Naugatuck River Review. Her poem "Chance" won Honorable Mention in the 2013 Passager Contest.

Her new book, Canyon Notes, was reviewed in the 2013 issue of Blueline. and she gave a reading and taught a class for Mark Todd's writing students at Western Colorado State in April 2013.

She co-founded with poet Kierstin Bridger a new monthly poetry reading series in Ridgway called "Open Bard" which starts October 3, 2013 with Wendy Videlock performing at the historic Sherbino Theater. An open reading follows after a brief intermission to which we invite all poets in the area or passing through to share their writing. First Thursday evenings, doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Paulson also has a new one-day workshop she’s giving now called "Poetry and Spirit: A Workshop for Readers and Writers" and Poetica, a monthly writing workshop for area poets which she leads, is now in its fourth year, meeting fourth Thursday afternoons at the Ridgway Library.

Chad Parmenter’s chapbook, Weston’s Unsent Letters to Modotti, has been selected as the winner of the 2012-2013 Snowbound Chapbook Award from Tupelo Press. His poems have appeared in Best American Poetry, Kenyon Review, and Harvard Review.

Congratulations to Jack Collom who won the 2013 Colorado Book Award in Poetry for his book Second Nature. The award, given by the Colorado Humanities, was announced on June 20 in Aspen. An interview with Collom, and the other finalists, may be found in the latest CPC Newsletter on the home page.

The Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, offered by Telluride Arts, has been announced for 2013.

First place went to Kyle Harvey for “Hyacinth,” second to Samantha Wright for “The Darkness, Before the Light.” third to Tony Saab for “The Institution of Dichotomy,” and an honorable mention was awarded to Deb Barr for “Elizabeth Greer.”

The Mark Fischer Poetry Prize is named in the memory of Telluride’s much-loved poet, lawyer, skier and raconteur. Mark Fischer was a daring experimenter who combined a polyglot’s command of languages with a quirky sense of humor and a passion for obtuse words.

Art Goodtimes’ new Looking South to Lone Cone: The Cloud Acre Poems has just appeared. Says Wendy Videlock, “Art Goodtimes digs into the history and mystery of his local soil and pulls up poetry by the roots.”
Available on Amazon or order at:

Art on the Street, in Lafayette, is accepting poems and 2-D work for display at the library Aug. 1-Sept. 27. $15 entry fee. Cash prize. Deadline: July 10 and you must submit with an entry form. See: http://cityoflafayette.com/AOTS

Kyle Harvey brought this Seth Abramson essay, “Why Is Contemporary American Poetry So Good?” to our attention. Worth a read. He has many, many reasons.


An interview with Steven D. Schroeder is up on The Journal Mag:

Two of Daniel Klawitter’s poems, "Plato Said" and "A Short Ode To Sausage." have been published up at Guy Farmer's Poems and Poetry blog:

William Pitt Root’s Sublime Blue: Selected Early Odes of Pablo Neruda appeared last April from Wings Press. His book of poems, Strange Angels: New Poems, will also appear from Wings Press in September and is already nominated for National Book Award.

Ruth Ellen Kocher’s book, domina Un/blued, has been nominated for a National Book Award. She’s looking for some readings around Colorado this year so give her a thought or suggest some to her (kocherr@colorado.edu

The CPC received this info on a new release from M.D. Friedman:
Just released(2013)!
A new experimental electronica jam version of "The Great Clock" Spoken word with improvised soundtrack, "Crossing the Bridge" features M. D. Friedman's poem, "The Great Clock" as published in his chapbook, Leaning Toward Whole. These are Tracks 2 & 3 off of Mad Dog & Headman's "Walking on the Sky" album released in May of 2013 featuring: Mad Dog Friedman on Theremin & Spoken Word and Stephen Hartman on NS/Stick with MIDI, Bass Pedals & Keyboards. Stephen is pure genius and a true in the moment astral plane pirate. It is the first full length project featuring Mad Dog's aleatory Theremin work. The single 32 minute CD quality mp3 version of this incredible, spontaneous performance is available for download only as a special bonus track in the enhanced multimedia PDF e-book edition of Leaning Toward Whole at our Lulu Book Store.

The winner of Shenandoahs 2013 Bevel Summers Prize for the Short Short Story is Seth Brady Tucker of Lafayette, Colo., for his narrative "Jigsaw."
More info under "Awards."

Joseph Hutchison has a couple of haiku in the new anthology Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga from Dos Gatos Press.

Jared Smith is the Poetry Editor of a new national literary quarterly coming out online. The journal is Turtle Island Quarterly, and submissions should be made through the website at http://turtleislandpoetry.tumblr.com/info The first issue will be available online as of June 1st. If you wish to submit poems for consideration, please review the guidelines and essay on what we are looking for, as well as the selections we have made for the first issue at the website anytime after June 1st through the link provided. Next reading period: Nov. 2 through Dec. 21, 2013.

Noah Eli Gordon’s poem “Summer in Winter in Summer” appeared May 31 on Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets. To sign up to receive these: http://www.poets.org/poemaday.php

Aaron Anstett's poems recently appear or are forthcoming in, among others, Fence, Lumn, Nat. Brut, trnsfr, Upstairs at Duroc, and Zymbol. Two chapbooks are forthcoming this year: Allegorical Woodcuts from Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press and The Next Thing You Know from Kattywompus Press. In 2014 his fourth full-length collection, tentatively titled Way to Tell You, is forthcoming from Backwaters Press.

David Mason had work appearing this spring in The Wall Street Journal, The Hudson Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Great River Review, The New Criterion and The Sewanee Review. This summer work will appear in Poetry, The Hudson Review and The Sewanee Review.

Wendy Videlock has a poem in the summer, 2013, issue of Rattle. Readers of that magazine will know it requests something interesting as a contributor’s note. Wendy’s goes this way: “A friend recently scolded me for never having written a manifesto. ‘Here’s my manifesto,’ I said: ’Everybody’s got their own egg to hatch.’”

Find out upcoming events with SETH at: http://wagingart.com/events/

David Rothman has two new books of poetry out in spring, 2013: The Book of Catapults (White Violet Press) and Part of the Darkness (Entasis).


The Sydney, Australia, Writers’ Festival has put poems on 19 street-cleaning trucks including “Why I Had Children” by Jessy Randall. She feels she’s in good company as other poets include Rilke, Yeats, and Berryman. More info at this site (but, unfortunately, no photo of her poem on a truck):

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s “Picking Up a Hitchhiker in May” appeared May 15 on New Verse News.

David Keplinger’s poem “Wave” is the featured poem on the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day for May 16. Sign up at

Chris Hoffman announces that Cairns, his first poetry book in 2005, has gone into its third edition and is now back in print. Order it from Amazon or the publisher
(http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000650645/Cairns.aspx) or your local bookstore. Chris will be giving readings in northern California this June.
More information at http://www.hoopandtree.org

Michele Harvey's new book, From Confusion to Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, has received a written introduction by New York Times best selling author of Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch. Harvey's website is http://micheleharveyauthor.com. Michele Harvey's new book is available both in print and as an E book, everywhere.

A sonnet, “Dinosaur Ridge,” by Michele Harvey's has been chosen as the focal point around which a giant windscreen art project (art encased in a large glass display case) is being designed. It will be installed for posterity, as the art in public places exhibition for the new West Rail Line, in the Jefferson County Government Center•Golden Station. Work on this project is being done by glass artist Nancy O'Neil, http://www.nancyoneil.com/, and should be complete by the end of this year! The display, which also includes maps and photographs, focuses on Colorado history. Harvey's website is http://micheleharveyauthor.com

Kyle Harvey has a poem, “The Last of Winter in Rattlesnake Canyon,” in Colorado Journeys Magazine (http://www.westerncoloradojourneys.com/

Ruth Ellen Kocher's fourth book, domina Un/blued, was selected by Lynn Emanuel for the 2013 Dorset Prize, Tupelo Press.

To pre-order Chris Ransick’s Language for the Living and the Dead, Eleanor Swanson’s Memory Rooms and Bob King’s Some of These Days go to:

Four poems by Eleanor Swanson are archived at The Missouri Review: http://www.missourireview.com/archives/bbarticle/poetry-feature-eleanor-swanson/

Kate Kingston (Trinidad) and Suzanne Bronson (Grand Junction) both had work in the May/June 2013 issue of Colorado Life magazine,
For submission information, see "Announcements" and scroll down to "Colorado Life Magazine"

M. D. Friedman says he “loves” versewrights (http://www.versewrights.com/) not just because they posted his poem "Girl Braiding Hair" as a feature on the site home page. http://www.versewrights.com/aloud-md-friedman.html

Daniel Klawitter is the first poet to get published in the 34-year history of the Soren Kierkegaard Newsletter out of St. Olaf's College. Read “Concluding Unscientific Postscript To Kierkegaard" here: http://www.stolaf.edu/collections/kierkegaard/newsletters/

The Colorado Book Awards are scheduled for June 21 in Aspen. Check "Announcements" for details.

Mark Irwin's seventh book, Large White House Speaking, is now out.
Large White House Speaking is a book of startling marvels and terrible losses explored in poetry so sharp and bright it is song. Mark Irwin faces the world and brings it to these pages in strange imagery, high wire lines, with the precision of a surgeon. He is one of our best poets, and this is his best book yet.
—Laura Kasischke

(Amazon.com/spdbooks.org/Barnes & Noble).

A Poetry Poster of David Mason’s “The Soul Fox” may be seen at:

Hear a recent interview about poetry with Suzanne Bronson at Colorado Mesa University:

Liquid Light Press announces the publication of Erika Moss Gordon’s Of Eyes and Iris. http://liquidlightpress.com/Erika.htm

"In an age of overflow, Erika Moss Gordon cuts to the core. She wields language like a pearled knife, honed to epiphany. Carving the lyric essentials out of life's odd loaf. Here's a first book that sets a gourmet table and serves up a dazzling meal of bread and water." ~ Art Goodtimes, Poet Laureate of Colorado's Western Slope

"Reverent. Humble. Beautiful. Like tiny lights in a great darkness, these poems lead us into realms where everything we thought we knew is new again, where everything is possible, even nothing. Wherever you are, this book will meet you." ~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Winner of 2011 The Writer's Studio Literary Contest

Uche Ogbuji has had several more poems published, "Sampled" and "Emissus" in Featherlit [1], "Above Left Hand Canyon" and "How Close?" in IthacaLit, and "Piazza dei Miracoli" in Outside In Magazine. Ogbuji was a featured performer at the CU Boulder African Student's Association festival. There is audio from the event [4]. Ogbuji was also a guest on Rich Ferguson's radio show "Poetiscape" for which there is audio [5]. His most recent is "A refusal to fix upon the worst of humanity after the 2013 Boston Marathon" at The Nervous Breakdown [6]

[1] http://featherlit.com/the-lovebird-issue/sampled-by-uche-ogbuji/
[2] http://ithacalit.com/uche-ogbuji1.html
[3] http://outsideinmagazine.com/issue-twelve/poetry/piazza-dei-miracoli-uche-ogbuji/
[4] https://soundcloud.com/uche-1/poetry-reading-african-art
[5] http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rarebirdradio/2013/04/07/poetiscape-w-rich-ferguson-and-wendy-chin-tanner
[6] http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/uogbuji/2013/04/a-refusal-to-fix-on-the-worst-of-humanity-after-the-2013-boston-marathon/

An online poetry anthology is looking for submissions “that capture the energy of a place or that speak to your relationship with your surroundings.”
Submission deadline is April 25, 2013. Go to http://www.thisplacepoetry.org for more information and to submit.

Jenne R. Andrews new poem “Migration” can be viewed at: http://loquaciouslyyours.com/2013/04/11/new-poem-migration/

A video was made of Colorado poet Lois Beebe Hayna’s 100th birthday party surrounded by poet friends. Watch it at: https://vimeo.com/62790937

For info on the 8th Annual Lighthouse Lit Fest June 7 to June 22: https://lighthousewriters.org/workshop/grid/page_id/41/

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer won 1st place in the ACC poetry contest and Roseanne Sterne 2nd place. For more information, including finalists, go to "Announcements."

This year's Walt Whitman Award Winner is Chris Hosea. See "Announcements" for more details.

“You firestar. Pool of moonburst. / You turned my skin to dust. Rawblade glasstooth girl...” begins “Finally I Allow Him the Pen” by Jeanann Verlee, one of two poems in Issue 103 of Steven D.Schroeder’s –Anti. http://anti-poetry.com/feature103/

Found an interview of Dan Beachy-Quick by Renee Angle at the Arizona Poetry Center in their archives at:

We just found three Eleanor Swanson poems at Missouri Review archives.
Read them at: http://www.missourireview.com/archives/bbarticle/poetry-feature-eleanor-swanson/

Read Dan Beachy-Quick’s poem “You Must Speak if Echo is Who You Love” at Omniverse on line: http://omniverse.us/poetry-dan-beachy-quick/

The poem-of-the-day on Rattle for April 2, 2013, is Robert Cooperman’s “When Father Sang.”

Cheryl Loetscher’s chapbook, The Butcher’s Daughter, is coming out from Tigerseye Journal.

Julie Shavin has had three poems accepted by The Bookends Review, one available now at http://thebookendsreview.com/

Barbara Ellen Sorensen reports she is now completing the line edits on her erotic ebook to be released April 19 and has just found out her book of poems will be published by Able Muse Press in fall of 2013.

Jenn R. Andrews has a chapbook, Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, coming out from Finishing Line Press. FL Press loves pre-ordering, so send her your mailing address if you want to get in on the action.

Kathryn Winograd’s essay collection, Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation, will be published by Conundrum Press. Her poem, "The Lives of Cells," which won the 2011 Chautauqua Poetry Contest on War and Peace and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, is one of four pieces featured in a special Chautauqua chapbook to be distributed at the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) conference & book fair and at the Chautauqua Summer Festival. Her lyric prose piece, "Disjunctions of Lichen," will be published this spring in Talking Writing, an online literary journal for writers.

M. D. Friedman has found out his poem, “Bedside Manner,” will be published in the Poetica Magazine in the Fall 2013 Edition.

Don't keep up with Fruita Pulp? Look here for work by Peter Anderson, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Bob King, Danny Rosen and others.

The New York mag Big City Lit has a very insightful review of Jared Smith's Collected Poems:1971-2011. Here's the link:

Know about the Western Slope's Fruita Pulp?
They're accepting submissions. See "Announcements."

Daniel Klawitter and Bob King have work in the spring, 2013, on-line issue of Shot Glass Journal.

Steven D. Schroeder’s poem, “Only the Name of the Airport Changes,” appears in Issue #15 of Drunken Boat.

Dan Beachy-Quick's poem, "The Cricket and the Grasshopper," and two poems from a series, "Romanticisms," appeared in the Feb., 2013, issue of Poetry.

Jason Hardung has been chosen Ft. Collins Poet Laureate under the auspices of Wolverine Farm Publishing. See "Announcements" for details.

Julianza (Julie) Shavin has poems in the on-line journals Synchronized Chaos, Bone Orchard Poetry, and After Tournier: Modern Poetry.

Bob King’s poem “Drinking Tu Fu” is up on The Ilanot Review: http://ilanot.wordpress.com/drinking-tu-fu/

M. D. Friedman has a digital album out, “Out of the Box,” available in MP3 320, FLAC, and other formats. More info and a sample of his “The End of Endless Night” at http://maddogfriedman.bandcamp.com/track/the-end-of-endless-night His Facebook page gives current details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetscoop/permalink/323200244451541/

Rosanne Sterne has three poems, “A New Ending,” “Illusion,” and “Kilauea 4:30 a.m. in the mid-Jan. 2013 issue of Happenstance.

Steve Tompkins' poetry collection Clay County Pastoral has been selected for publication by Word Press and will be appearing soon.

A review of Daniel Klawitter's chapbook, Runaway Muse, has just appeared in "Of Poetry"...a blog by John W. May: http://myopicpoets.blogspot.com/2013/01/klawitters-collection-runaway-muse.html

Rachel Kellum has a poem in The Nervous Breakdown http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/rkellum/2013/01/waking-into-sleep-take-your-waking-slow/
as well as a self-interview.http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/rkellum/2013/01/rachel-kellum-the-tnb-self-interview/

Uche Ogbuji has several new poems published: "Rag Tags"[1] in Red Fez, "Obscured Sunshine"[2] in Lavender Review, "Ala Entertains"[3] and "Mysteries of Harvest VI"[4] in Eternal Haunted Summer, "Papa Peugeot"[5] and a translation of Léopold Senghor's "Femme Noire"[6] at The Ofi Press, and "Spirit Child"[7] at Strong Verse. Able Muse also features his interview with Catherine Tufariello[8], and he has a guest entry on his work as a poet, "NaPoWriMo Six Months Later,"[9] on the Potomac Review blog.

[1] http://www.redfez.net/poetry/1714"
[2] http://lavrev.net/muse/ogbuji.html
[3] http://eternalhauntedsummer.com/issues/winter-solstice-2012/ala-entertains/
[4] http://eternalhauntedsummer.com/issues/winter-solstice-2012/mysteries-of-harvest-vi/
[5] http://theofipress.webs.com/ogbujiuche.htm
[6] http://theofipress.webs.com/poetrytranslation.htm
[7] http://www.strongverse.org/cgi-bin/poiesis.pl?search=682&header=number&method=perfect&template=poem
[8] http://www.ablemuse.com/v14/featured-interview/catherine-tufariello
[9] http://potomacreview.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/napowrimo-six-months-later-uche-ogbuji/

Uche Ogbuji interviews David Mason in issue iv of Kin Poetry Journal.
http://wearekin.org/author/dmason/interview and poet Catherine Tufariello in the latest Able Muse print journal.

David Feela’s new book of essays, How Delicate These Arches, released through Raven's Eye Press, was a finalist for the 2012 Colorado Book Award in creative non-fiction and is now available as an e-book. http://feelasophy.blogspot.com/2013/01/ebook-promotion_11.html

Five ‘elegies’ by newly listed Colorado Poet Claudia Putnam are at western views: words from western resource advocates. http://westernviews.org/2012/09/20/global-warming-scenarios-rocky-mountain-region-2/

Want to know about the Green Fuse community, meetings, publications, schedules? See http://www.greenfusepoeticarts.org

Pedestal published a great review of The Collected Poems of Jared Smith 1971-2011 (NYQ Books, 2011) Read it at: http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/gallery.php?item=23125

Three poems by Julie Shavin are in the first issue of Synchronized Chaos along with examples of her visual art. For the poems:

A review of Michael AdamsIf You Can Still Dance With It: Stone Belly & Cold Mountain may be found at:

Wendy Videlock has five (count ‘em) poems in the January, 2013, issue of Poetry. Her new book, an illustrated children’s book of verse, The Dark Gnu, has appeared from Able Muse Press, 2013.

Two republished poems by M. D. Friedman are on the new website of Versewrights:

Roseanne Sterne was interviewed recently on the radio program "Writers Block." The podcast link is: http://wbvandermeer.podbean.com/2012/12/18/poetry-comes-alive-through-words-art-and-music/

Liquid Light Press announces the publication of Catalyst by Jeremy Martin, “a mind field of delight.” Wayne Gilbert says “Martin is a modern mystic filled with boyish enthusiasm-awe and the spiritual wildness of a Sufi poet.” To order: http://liquidlightpress

Marilyn Krysl's poem "Sutra" is up on the website of the Academy of American Poets:

Poetry submissions now accepted by a new on-line Colorado magazine, Fruita Pulp. See “Announcements” for details.

Three poems by Suzanne Bronson are on-line at Fruita Pulp.

M. D. Friedman’s been busy lately. He read his new slam poem, “Never Too Old to Slam,” at SlamNuba’s Open MIc in November, arranged the group-reading “A Taste of Liquid Light” at Anthology Book Co in Loveland, and took part in “Collaboration Reading” at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café on December 1st.

Joe Hutchison’s chapbook The Earth-Boat is available until Dec. 18 for pre-ordering at the Word Press website:

Print copies ordered after 18 December will be queued for the 2nd printing, which will begin shipping on 15 February 2013.

David Feela’s poem “Unethical Trade” appeared Dec. 4, 2012 on New Verse News. http://newversenews.blogspot.com/

Rosemerry’ Wahtola Trommer’s poem “Note to Self” won second place in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies’ Founder’s Award Contest. Read it here.http://www.wordwoman.com/wordsyou/note.self.htm.

Also check out her video poem “No Hurry to Find Out” athttp://movingpoems.com/?s=rosemerry
and visit her blog, ‘A Hundred Falling Veils: A Daily Poetry Practice” at: http://ahundredfallingveils.com/

Sasha Steensen’s poem, “Parchment, Please,” is on the Poetry Foundation’s site: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/244068

Lawrence Gladeview’s first collection, Just Ignore the Beer Stains, appeared from Pigeon Bike Press (http://pigeonbike.blogspot.com/p/lawrence-gladeview-just-ignore.html) and is available at Amazon. His second book, Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love has come out from Erbacce Press.

Steve Schroeder’s second book, The Royal Nonesuch, was recently accepted for publication by Spark Wheel Press and will be out in fall 2013.

Three books have appeared this year by Stewart S. Warren: Great Storms Making Ready, Rehearse Nothing, and Here There Is Also Burning, all from Mercury Heart-Link.

M. D. Friedman’s latest blog/poem, "Never Too Old to Slam," is at http://mdweekly.blogspot.com/2012/11/never-too-old-to-slam.html

News from Uche Ogbuji: The Beautiful Anthology, a volume to which he contributed an essay, "21st Century Beauty in Poetry," made the New York Times in the form of the "2012 list of Best Bathroom Books".
The Potomac Review has published a guest blog entry of his, "NaPoWriMo Six Months Later." http://potomacreview.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/napowrimo-six-months-later-uche-ogbuji/
and a poem of his, “Red Tags” appeared in Red Fez.

Don Wentworth, editor of The Lilliput Review, has a review of Colorado poet Ayaz Daryl Nielsen’s tumbleweeds still tumbling, a collection of over 80 small poems.: http://lilliputreview.blogspot.com/2012/11/tumbleweeds-still-tumbling-small-press.html One of the poems quoted is: alone dusk / enters my living room / forgets to leave
Nielsen also edits the little mag bear creek haiku and has recently started the blog: http://bearcreekhaiku.blogspot.com/

Jenne R. Andrews has announced that she will have three poems in the winter issue of The Passionate Transitory.

Joe Hutchison provides this link to an L. A. Times story on the poet Jack Gilbert who passed away Nov. 13, 2012.

New Colorado Poets Center member Amber Koneval announces the release of Drunk Dialing the Divine. It's $2.49, available in MOBI, EPUB, HTML and PDF files from electiopublishing.com, straight to the Kindle from Amazon, and will be soon available for the Nook from B&N.com. The collection is 22 religious poems from a Catholic-Christian background.

A synopsis: “How would you respond when a friend drunk-dials you to make a prayer request? What do you say when you are furious with God, but aren't willing to part with Him? How do you vent your frustrations to your Creator? When is it okay to be angry with God?

Drunk Dialing the Divine is an attempt to capture a glimmer of the darker side of the emotional struggle of the deeply faithful. Though each poem begins in a negative space, they resist both the angry and the naively optimistic ending--instead finding a ray of hope in the maxim "Things are because God is."

A short but favorable review by David Miller of Michael Adams If You Can Still Dance With It: Stone Belly & Cold Mountain Poems can be found at:

Daniel Klawitter has two poetry chapbooks, Runaway Muse and An Epistemology Of Flesh, as print-on-demand titles. Both are available for just $5 each on his Amazon.com Author's Page here:

In the Nov. 5th Poem-of-the-Day from Rattle, Sandra Knauf writes a review of Jessy Randall’s recent Injecting Dreams into Cows.
See: http://www.rattle.com/poetry/

The Nov./Dec. issue of Colorado Life featured work by Julie Shavin, Daniel Klawitter, Uche Ogbuji, and Dan Guenther.

Kathleen Willard's poem "Their Letters" has been anthologized in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors. This poem was about her father's tour of duty in Vietnam.

For info on call for poems for anthology honoring Malala Yousafzai, see "Announcements."

If you wish to join the Green Fuse Poetic Arts Association, see info under "Announcements."

To read Bob King’s poem, “The Relic,” go to:

An interview with David Mason by Uche Ogbuji is at:

The recent issue of The Laurel Review (46/1, 2012) features work by several Colorado poets: “Sentences on Sadness” by Sasha Steensen, a selection from their work Nos by Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman, “Tape Loop” and “Crepuscule With Nellie” by Jake Adam York, “Edward Weston in Louisiana” by Chad Parmenter, and Steven D. Schroeder with a review of Kevin Prufer's In a Beautiful Country.

Uche Ogbuji has two poems in Angle Poetry Journal--"Pas de Deux" and "Pneumatic"—on page 86-88 at:

He also has one, "À la Recherche," in the Singaporean journal OF ZOOS:

Hear a poem by Uche Ogbuji at:

Kathryn Winograd's poem, "The Lives of Cells," has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Chautauqua Literary Journal. Her lyric essay, "On Wind and Fire," is a semi-finalist for The Florida Review Editors' Award and will be published in an upcoming issue. Her blog, “At Phantom Canyon, Nipple Mountain, Cripple Creek, and other such Augries,” may be found at: http://kathrynwinograd.com/blog.php

bear creek haiku has a blog now-- bearcreekhaiku.blogspot.com, and editor Ayaz Daryl Nielsen has two recently published collections of poetry, Concentric Penumbras of the Heart and haiku tumbleweeds still tumbling. Also, bear creek haiku will release an anthology of Bear Creek poets (35-40 poets, including 6 or 7 from Colorado) by year's end

Feature #93 of Steven D. Schroeder’s Anti- contains two poems by Rickey Laurentiis (http://anti-poetry.com/).
Submission guidelines are at: http://anti-poetry.com/guidelines/

David Mason's poem, "Mrs. Mason and the Poets," is in the 2012 The Best American Poetry. The Guest Editor this year was Mark Doty.

Aaron Anstett’s poem, “Please List All Previous Addresses,” is in the latest Palooka: a magazine of underdog excellence.

To read David Mason’s “Teaching Poetry Through Art: Notes on the Ekphrastic” click on http://www.coloradohumanities.org/blog/david-masons-blog

Colorado Life Magazine has accepted a poem by Julie Shavin for its Nov./Dec. issue. The publication seeks submissions of poetry, stories (including non-fiction) and photographs. The current issue features art and writing related to Durango, Niwot, Grand Junction, and other locations. http://www.coloradolifemagazine.com.

Poetry West's Vice-President, Julie Shavin, will judge poetry written by Pueblo Mental Health Institute patients. Poetry and art selections will be featured in their 2013 calendar.

Joe Hutchison has three poems in the new anthology from FutureCycle Press,American Society: What Poets See.

Poets Co-op TV Show Episode 57 features Lynda La Rocca and Wayne Gilbert performing at the Deer Pile upstairs from City O’ City in Denver, Colorado, on June 8, 2012. This performance was part of the the Liquid Light Press One Year Anniversary Party.


Beth Paulson has poems in 2012 issues of The Kerf, Common Ground Review, Cloudbank, The Eleventh Muse, Wild Goose Review, Innisfree, The Chrysalis Reader, and Colorado Life Magazine. She also received Honorable Mention for her poem "Collage" in the 2012 Common Ground Review Contest.

Ashley Seitz Kramer is the featured poet for September on Steven D. Schroeder’s Anti-

Denver-based poet Daniel Klawitter has two poems in the inaugural 2012 Autumn issue of Bay Laurel Magazine:



Pikes Peak Arts Council Poetry Awards

At their annual awards ceremony, on Sept. 21st at Stargazer's Theater in Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak Arts Council announced Susan Peiffer as the region's Performance Poet of the Year. Julie K. Shavin was named Page Poet of the Year. The panels/juries had seven members each. Performances (three poems per poet, in shuffled rounds) took place in June, and page poetry was judged based upon four blind-read submissions per author.

Beth Paulson’s new book is Canyon Notes (Mt. Sneffels Press, 2012). Order it from their website at: http://mtsneffelspress.com/extended-catalog/#canyon
Also available in western Colorado local and regional bookstores.

Joy Sawyer's poem "Following the Piper: An American Elegy," a runner-up in the 2011 St. Petersburg Review contest, is now published in their new SPR]/i] 4/5 double issue.

Uche Ogjubi has two new poems up at Shadow Road Quarterly: "Coy Luna", http://www.shadowroad.org/?p=637 and "To Hell Tahitians!," a poem in response to the fanatic woman who attacked the Gauguin in DC a couple of years ago. http://www.shadowroad.org/?p=540

The featured poet in the latest of Steven D. Schroeder’s Anti- is Tory Adkisson. http://anti-poetry.com/feature91/

Read Colorado Poet Laureate David Mason’s poem on the Aurora shooting, “After the Last Shot,” at
http://www.cpr.org/#load_article|A_Poet_Contemplates_the_Aurora_Shooting Also, view his poem on the Waldo Canyon fire at: http://www.cpr.org/#load_article|The_Fires_A_Poem

David Mason’s “Horse People,” originally in Southwest Review, was reprinted as September 3’s poem on Poetry Daily. http://poems.com/poem.php?date=15587

M. D. Friedman has made available some readings from the Poets Coop TV show: Asa Lott at

Roseanna Frechette at

and Roseanna Frechette and Asa Lott at

Karen Glenn's new book of poems,Night Shift (Raven and Crow Press), is now available
on amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Night-Shift-Karen-Glenn/dp/0615667082/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346001315&sr=8-1&keywords=Karen+Glenn+Night+Shift
Karen's poems have been published in journals from Poetry Northwest to Chattahoochee Review. North American Review nominated her for a Pushcart Prize, and she has read her poetry on NPR's All Things Considered.
To read a sampling of her poems, visit her website at http://www.karenglennpoetry.wordpress.com

Steven D. Schroeder says submissions to his on-line Anti- will be closed during September. "If you have poems you want to send us," he writes, "do it now or forever hold your peace a month."

Pikes Peak Arts Council has announced the nominees for its poetry awards, 2012. Winners will be named at the Sept. 21st event, which will offer art shows and live music. See ppac@pikespeakartscouncil.org. In alphabetical order by first name: Performance Poetry:
E. Mallary McHenry, Jim Ciletti, Susan Peiffer; Page Poetry: Julie K. Shavin, Malcolm McCollum, Rebekah Shardy.

Kathleen Willard’s "Hummingbirds" & "Evolution" appeared in Matter (Spring 2012) and "It Was" in Bombay Gin Spring 2012.

Her poetry manuscript The Next Noise is Our Hearts was a finalist in the Many Voices Project of New Rivers Press and her poem "Theory of Flight, Circa 1704" won Arapahoe Community College Writer's Studio Contest this spring.

She also received a fellowship to attend the Vermont Studio Center, an artist colony, in Johnson, Vermont, for the month of October.

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo needs a volunteer judge for their annual calendar of art and poetry. See "Announcements" for details.

Uche Ogbuji has a poem in New Sun Rising on the occasion of the US vs Japan Olympic gold medal soccer match.

The Poetry Society of Colorado are poets that meet for workshops, temporarily, at Lakewood’s Saint Paul's Episcopal Church {9200 West Tenth Avenue} at 10:00 am, the third Saturday of each month. Check out poetrysocietyofcolorado.org. for contests. Contact: Cheryl Wilkie 303-422-3986

For information on Speak Peace: American Voices Respond to Vietnamese Children’s Paintings (http://www.speakpeace.net/) contest sponsored by Arapaho Community College, see “Announcements”.

Julie Shavin won a 2nd Honorable Mention in a National State Federation of Poetry Societies contest. Her poem addressed the issue of religious bigotry within an otherwise beautiful, tiny rural town an hour east of Atlanta, Ga., where she lived for three years in the mid-80's.

Mary Crow's poem, "Dismantling," appears in the Spring, 2012, issue of The Cape Rock, 40(1).

Colorado poets with work in Art Goodtimes’ “Way of the Mountain” in the June, 2012, Mountain Gazette, include Jim Ciletti, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, and Valerie Haugen.

New Pages has a June 25 review of Steven Schroeder’s anti-.

Jessy Randall’s new book, Injecting Dreams into Cows, is now available from Red Hen Press, P O. Box 40820, Pasadena, CA 91114, or http://www.redhen.org

Daniel Klawitter has a new poem, "Repent!", just published in The Journal Of South Texas English Studies:
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9S8KSVlrc-LaTdoUjR1RzluelE/edit?pli=1 He also has a poem, "My Father's Offhand Reply," now up, after a published print-version, on the People's Tribune website: http://www.peoplestribune.org/PT.2012.05/PT.2012.05.10.shtml

If you haven't heard Wayne A. Gilbert read a poem, Liquid Light Press has an example on Youtube.

Uche Ogbuji has an interview and two poems on Scree Magazine (Blurb on feature: http://scree.co/?p=309; Journal: http://scree.co/?page_id=323
He also has a poem, "A heart to break for longing," at Blind Oracle Press (http://blindoraclepress.
wordpress.com/issue-i/a-heart-to-break-for-longing-uche-ogbuji, twin poems in String Poet. (http://www.stringpoet.com/2011/12/translation-uche-ogbuji/), “Manna in the Maxim Gun" in Unsplendid (http://www.unsplendid.com/4-1/4-1_ogbuji_manna_frames.htm), and "Endo" in The Mountain Gazette (http://www.mountaingazette.com/mountain-culture/poetry/way-of-the-mountain-185/

Joseph Hutchison’s 13th collection of poems, Thread of the Real, is now available directly from Conundrum Press. It will be available from Amazon in a couple of weeks. [http://store.samizdatgroup.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=99.]

“The Laurel Crown,” a section of Dan Beachy-Quick’s prose book Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations, Tales, is posted as the May 21 Poetry Daily feature:

Lynda LaRocca’s third poetry collection, Spiral, was just published by M.D. Friedman's Liquid Light Press. The book is available through Lynda for $14.70 per copy (that includes postage and handling). Checks can be sent to: Lynda La Rocca, P.O. Box 28, Twin Lakes, CO 81251. Friedman’s website for Liquid Light is http://www.liquidlightpress.com, for online orders.

The Poets Co-op TV archive presents Jared Smith reading at Ziggies in Denver on April 11, 2012.

Jared Smith has work in or accepted by The Paterson Review, two poems in The Same, four in Wilderness House Review, and one in the e-zine, Poetrybay.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer has one of her Rumi poems in The Nervous Breakdown:

An interview of Barbara Ellen Sorensen by Rachel Dacus, “An Uncomfortable Closeness to God,” appear in Fringe Magazine: http://www.fringemagazine.org/lit/features/barbara-ellen-sorensen-an-uncomfortable-closeness-to-god/

Denver poet Daniel Klawitter has a new poem, "Catching Chickens", that has been published at Pulse: Voices From The Heart Of Medicine. You can read it online here:

On the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene blog dated April 5, 2012, Ralph Pennel reviews the newly released The Collected Poems of Jared Smith which, Pennel writes, “encapsulates the vastness of his ethic and vision.”

Dan Beachy-Quick’s prose collection, Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations, Tales, is now out from Milkweed Press. http://www.milkweed.org/shop/product/270

Jared Smith’s The Collected Poems of Jared Smith: 1971-2011 has finally been released by NYQ Books. It’s available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, et. al. but Jared tries to encourage people to go through Small Press Distribution which “is generally friendlier to the independent press.”


See/hear excerpts from Ariella Ruth on the Poets Co-op TV Episode 49. This show was recorded on March 11, 2012, at the CCTV Studio at Catalyst High School in Lafayette, Colorado. www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IQvPqVQkKo&feature=youtube.com

Go to http://www.videopoetry.org to see/hear Megan Freeman, Veronica Patterson, Maggie Rowlett, Anita Jepson-Gilbert, Katherine West, Jack Collom, Wayne Gilbert, Elizabeth Robinson, Jared Smith, Lynn Emanuel and others from Poets Co-op TV
Show in Lafayette.

A review of Wendy Videlock's work, and a sampling of her poems appear on the pages at Poetry International

William Winfield Wright’s chapbook, Cosmonauts (Wormwood Chapbooks, 2012) is now available from the publisher and Rough Writers Press at http://www.wormwoodchapbooks.org

Pamela Uschuk's new collection of poetry is Wild in the Plaza of Memory, (Wings Press, San Antonio, 2012). Hear/see "Horoscope" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1RLfjU99vA and "White Phosphorus after Hanukkah" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03tvrz6mpU8

Pamela Uschuk of Bayfield won the 10th annual War Poetry Contest for a group of poems. She received $2,000 from Winning Writers who have sponsored the contest for ten years and are now retiring it.

Jason Barry (Boulder) is the poetry editor of The Bacon Review, a new online periodical of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. http://www.thebaconreview.com/

Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined, edited by Madelyn Garner and Andrea L. Watson, is now available at 3 Taos Press for $17 + $4 for shipping/mailing (PO Box 370627, Denver, CO 80237). Colorado poets included in the anthology are Pattiann Rogers, Joseph Hutchinson, Kathleen Cain, Jessy Randall and Cheryl Loetscher.