7/2/34, my birth date and since June 12, 2014 my mantra.  I was hospitalized on that date and every visit of a nurse taking my vitals, every appointment,  every call for prescriptions had to include the 7/2/34 info.  Atlantic City, NJ, my birthplace, was a great place to grow up.  Unlike today there were no ugly Trump casinos and blocks of parking lots serving the casinos that had once been residential and small hotel neighborhoods.
I left school at age 15, entered the US Navy at 17, and entered Los Angeles City College at 21.  Years later I earned the PhD in History at Michigan State University.
I was lucky enough to spend my academic career at MSU, retiring in 2000.  In that year I began a creative writing phase that continues.  That year I published a short story/memoir “Me and Jackie Robinson, My Awakenings as a Historian.” Fourth
Genre.  Before that publication I began reading poetry in and around central Michigan.