BIO: Chelley Gardner-Smith, M.A. has taught pre-school through college classes. She is an English/social studies major who is currently teaching drama. Her poems appeared in Voices of the Muse 2000: Women Writing in the Service of Social Justice, edited by Rebekah Shardy.

She has written over 75 articles for The Woodmen Edition, a local north Colorado Springs newspaper, and has been a guest writer for The Gazette Telegraph.  Currently, she is the president of the board for Partners in Housing, a non-profit organization that helps homeless people with children.  She is also a graduate of the same program.

She does art-therapy privately and in group settings, as well as dream work. Currently she is finishing a 'magical- realistic' novel about WWII and the life of her father who came back very changed by the war. She is the grandmother of four boys and one girl, and two more boys are on the way.