Hsia Ching (夏菁), the pen name of Ted C. Sheng (盛志澄), was born in Zhejiang, China in 1925. After received his first degree in China he went to Taiwan to work. In 1966 he obtained a  M.S. degree from Colorado State University. He has worked with the United Nations and taught at Colorado State University. Hsia Ching was one of the founders of the famous Blue Stars Poetry Society in Taiwan in early Fifties. Currently he is a consultant of Poetry sky journal, the first Chinese-English bilingual poetry website in the US. Since his first collection of poems published in 1954, he has produced a total of eleven volumes of poems including a English and Chinese anthology Selected Poems of Hsia Ching (2004). He has also published four volumes of essays. His poetic activities includes translating poems and composing verse drama. Now retired at Fort Collins. he continuously writes for the Poetry Sky and Chinese newspapers and poetry magazines in Taiwan and USA.

夏菁,是盛志澄的笔名,浙江嘉兴人.美国科罗拉多州立大学硕士,曾任联合国专家及科罗拉多教授等职。夏菁是台湾 “蓝星诗社” 创始人之一,現为美国《诗天空》(Poetry Sky)双语季刊顾问。自1954年出版第一本诗集起,已出有十一种,包括近年出版的双语诗集《夏菁短诗选》(2004),及去年(2010)出版的〈独行集) 及〈折扇〉等。除诗以外,尚出版有散文四种。他的文学活动还包括翻譯诗及诗劇的寫作。近年来他的诗文常在美国、台湾等地中文报纸及期刊发表。