After studying as an undergraduate with Harold Bloom, Bruce Berger dropped out of graduate school at Berkeley to live for two years on Cannery Row, followed by three years as a nightclub pianist in Spain. His life stabilized when he bought a three-room cabin in Aspen that has served ever since as writing studio and base camp for a life devoted to poetry, nonfiction and compulsive travel.

Bruce Berger’s poems have appeared in Poetry, The New York Times, Barron’s, Orion, The Hudson Review and many other journals, and have been collected in Facing the Music (Confluence Press). Widely anthologized, his poems have appeared in Outsiders, Verse and Universe, Urban Nature, The Geograhy of Hope, Mixed Voices and many other collections. Besides the United States, his poetry has been published in England, Scotland, India and Mexico, sometimes in Spanish translation.

In October, 2008, Bruce Berger was sent by the Department of State to represent the United States as a nature-oriented poet at the Mussoorie Writers’ Conference in nothern India, followed by readings in New Delhi and Mumbai.